Licensing Features

Here is what is included


Online & Offline

Nalpeiron is a powerful hosted platform, that offers both online and offline Activation. A license copy protection software that's reliable, US-based, secure and Private. Nalpeiron even offers a 99.9% uptime service level agreement.

Usage Analytics

Target engineering by understanding the users hardware and system configuration. Track users, across products, features, usage, adoption, location, platform and many more parameters – all with a few clicks.

Simple Migration

Moving from an existing in-house or other licensing is difficult, but Nalpeiron simplifies things with many tools to bring over clients and to re-use existing entitlements. With Nalpeiron’s license management software users are not forced to get a new license key or change ingrained habits.


NSL™ is platform agnostic, working on Windows, JAVA, Linux and Mac platforms. The tools are simple to deploy and use. One API, one activation process - Ship to Mac® , Windows® and Linux PCs faster with less engineering effort.

Best Experience

Nalpeiron is famous for making licensing really easy for the end user. With true "One-click" Activation and De-activation as well one click upgrades and feature changes, all 24x7x365 with full automation.

Web services API

Fast standards-based integration and control. It's simple to access the server-side data and services using standard web services and our API. Easily connect CRM, ERP, E-commerce and other systems with licensing data.

Fast Subscriptions

The end user is demanding new ways to pay, and with Nalpeiron its fast and simple to offer what used to be expensive and complex to implement. Within 5 minutes you can be offering fully automated subscription options.

Easy Renewals

One of the hardest things to do in licensing is to manage both a perpetual license alongside a variable maintenance period, controlling who gets what upgrade and feature. It's a standard feature with Nalpeiron.

Trial Optimization

Nalpeiron wants to help you drive your business and we have a special dashboards designed to gives sales instant analytics on trial conversions, sales cycles and who to target for further sales conversion activity.

Application Agility

Change license entitlements any time, no end user re-install

NSL™ enables you to sell any customer any product with any range of features and functions you choose when they activate. Then changes entitlements "on the fly" whenever you want.

Mobile & SAAS

The new version of NLS is designed to work with any platform or device - from tablets to embedded devices; SaaS to Enterprise Software. It's great on the desktop too. Now you have one vendor to control all your Software.

VM / Sandboxing

The future of Software OS is all about virtualization and the use of sandboxes, this is a killer to standard licensing technology but not Nalpeiron. We work with it and control it without any problem.