Trust and Status

Success is built on trust. And trust includes transparency.

This page shows the latest up to date information on system performance, uptime and security. Here you'll find live and historical data on system performance. Trust is the basis of a great business relationship and we want to earn your trust by delivering a robust product and a transparent view into our performance.


Nalpeiron is committed to building reliable systems that you can depend on in your business - so much so that we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee SLA.


When choosing a SaaS based Service it's important to be sure that your Vendor is committed to high service levels and some form of accountability if they fall short of your expectations - Nalpeiron is one of the only Vendors in our market that offers any form of SLA let alone a Guarantee. Ask all your suppliers for an SLA, it will show how confident they are in their claims of a reliable product.



Nalpeiron Uptime Service Level Agreement

You want a service that's reliable, but how do you know who to trust? Nalpeiron guarantees a 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA) on paid Nalpeiron Pay-as-you-go Editions, our Enterprise product and our legacy (V4-V7) Professional Plus offering. That’s the equivalent of less than 1.5 minutes a day of Downtime Guaranteed (excluding scheduled maintenance)*


If at any time your account experiences downtime relating to our servers or network in excess of our SLA, you are entitled to a service credit or to terminate per the terms below. As the World’s leading Hosted Licensing and Analytics Service, we understand the meaning of "mission critical" and our customers can attest to our ability to operate as both a reliable service as well as remaining affordable.


Get even more detail on our historical uptime here (Note: we don't exclude service intervals, scheduled downtime or other forms of acceptable server maintenance from the figures).


* What is scheduled maintenance? Nalpeiron has a daily maintenance window which usually lasts less than 5 minutes for server patches and updates from various vendors within our private cloud, all the things we have to do to keep the server farm running smoothly. We use this time to make updates to our real-time systems and improve your users experience. We don't use the daily window for the majority of the month, it's only done when necessary and important for system performance.


More details about the SLA