Software Analytics Solutions by Role

Who will benefit from Software Analytics?


You are responsible for making the tough decisions but do you have enough "real facts" to base many of these decisions on? Do your desktop or enterprise apps give you the same detailed usage data as SaaS apps?


You are responsible for spending millions of dollars on software development but has anyone ever shown you a report based on quantitative measurements of how your software is used and if all the features you keep building have real value to driving growth and profit?

What would you do, if 30% of the functionality in your solutions seems to be superfluous?

  • Reduce business risk

- Intimately understand the customer, their usage and needs

- Create the most marketable and competitive products

- Eliminate wasted engineering and marketing spend

- Go from gut feelings to hard data

  • Increase revenues and profits

- Automate the processes that drive adoption, reduce churn and focus sales effort

- Understand where to put your investment spend for maximum returns

- Drive adoption through improved engagement

- Focus marketing efforts on those that increase engagement and conversions

  • Be more competitive 

- Use detailed, real-time, business information to make management decisions

- Bring together Sales, Marketing, finance and Product Management data

- Make access to usable business critical data easy for everyone, anytime, and in minutes

  • Streamline engineering

- Get the facts about what users want in terms of new features and capabilities

- If you are migrating or building a SaaS app, learn the core feature set to build out

- Avoid engineering effort where it will not drive new business

- Improve software quality and make code more robust



You have a super complex job of understanding and driving user growth but information overload and plethora of statistics doesn't really help you get the job done -  you really need real-time "Business Information" that you can easily understand and act-on right?


We also know you like things that are easy to use, visualize and export for further analysis. If you could eliminate hours of guesswork and work with facts then your life would be way better - well now it can with Nalpeiron Software Analytics.


  • Understand your users and products more intimately and easily see trends and the places to focus efforts to improve marketing performance
  • ​Build out your strategy based on real-time “facts” not gut feelings and out of date user and sales feedback,  with very little effort and in a few minutes not hours
  • ​Non-technical staff can easily access useful,real-time, visual, reports and charts 24x7 for use in  management reporting
  • ​Reach hard to get too users (anonymous) via their desktops with surveys, ads and promotions to improve engagement and drive upgrade and maintenance revenues
  • ​Use automated lead nurturing systems to increase conversions and user adoption
  • ​Focus your resources on the top performing campaigns and tweak others to improve the results based on easy to use analytics available with a few clicks



Do you want to deliver software that always works? Do you want to know about problems long before customers start flooding your support system?


Do you want to know about technology changes at your customers installations? How about the full engineering stack worldwide for every user, in a simple to use visual system so you can plan releases?


You are a technical person but you have to base decisions on "gut feelings" and not on hard facts unless you get detailed Software Analytics "BI" from Nalpeiron.


  • Improve Software Quality and speed up the responses from alpha/beta process and the test community,  get ahead of the curve on errors, exceptions and crashes
  • Only build features and functionality users really want based on real facts, not “gut feelings” allowing your  team to deliver real value and avoid wasted effort
  • Easily check on the adoption of versions, editions, releases and mapping these to Software Quality  initiatives to drive improved customer satisfaction
  • Get the data you want without having to setup and manage the infrastructure
  • Understand what products, versions, editions, releases and associated features/functions are being used  to set your support and end of life strategy, dropping those that don’t justify your team’s energy now and  in the future
  • Segment your user base and then setup testers and user groups based on technical criteria allowing you to  target fixes and get feedback based on specific user profiles
  • Easily perform an Environment Review of your users (or a segment of them) to assist with planning and  support of the most important machine environments and devices



You decide the direction of your products but the information you need isn't right at your fingertips?


Why? Because it lives everywhere—in spreadsheets, systems, databases and applications. Then you have to collate and waste hours interpreting the data and you still aren't getting the right information at the right time.


Sound familiar?


  • Finally, you can get detailed, real-time data about your user base with little effort
  • Save a ton of time over collating reports from log files, sales teams and user surveys
  • Use the business intelligence engine, not unstructured and hard to use data, to get answers to tough PM questions with one click
  • Focus on the right data, often from multiple sources “mashed” together, rather than use simplistic reports with little real meaning to anyone
  • Use “Geo” data to develop worldwide strategy for partners, sales offices and support requirements – even localization requirements based on user location density/growth
  • Quickly report on User loyalty (how often they use your software) across products and versions allowing you to see trends and how new releases are performing
  • Capture data for both consumers (internet connected) and Enterprise clients who are behind firewalls and proxy servers (offline data collection) allowing you to target the correct user profile for your business



It's up to you to drive budgeting and to optimize the use of your resources but you don't have easy access to proof that your investments in new features and engineering are feeding into the bottom line.


How do you justify constant investment into older products or how do you decide what features to build into new products unless you have detailed analytics about how your products are consumed and used?


Even if you use analytics you need to be sure it all safe and secure, along with timely and easy to use.


  • Use data to assist with License Compliance to help prevent revenue leakage (with privacy controls) and  combine with Software License Management for enforcement
  • Pull deep Customer data into your own systems for deeper analysis and use
  • Store your user data securely on US-based servers, managed by US staff, in our private cloud and not a  public cloud like Amazon or other such providers.
  • Work with a mature market leader but get the cost savings of a cloud-based offering
  • Develop more reliable business strategy based on real-time business information that you can trust and  not gut feelings
  • Avoid unnecessary legal issues with multiple layers of privacy control and data collection options,  especially for European users where Data Protection and Privacy laws can be problematic.