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Have your end-users simply login and use software without needing license codes

Account Based Licensing makes the user themselves the identifier for their entitlements. Email Address and Password. No license codes to send back and forth, nothing for the user to remember to keep and stress out down the line when they need it again and can't remember where they saved it.

When you use Zentitle Account Based Licensing your customers are getting the same user-centric experience that they get nowadays from the likes of Adobe or Microsoft or from all those SaaS Services like Dropbox, Evernote, Google and iCloud.

Users can roam from device to device only ever needing to remember their email address and password (any kind of username is supported, email address is most common).

Most of all though, Account Based Licensing is incredibly flexible, meaning you can use it in conjunction with pretty much all of our Licensing Models to deliver and control entitlements in exactly the way you want to. Subscriptions, Usage Based, Feature Based and Concurrent models and much, much more are all possible. With Zentitle, we don't restrict you by only allowing simple fixed use cases that in real life are restrictive, plus you get a truly modern platform with the assurance of Nalpeiron's 20 years in leading in the software licensing industry.

It works extremely effectively if you sell to business customers too. Our comprehensive license models along with Dynamic Entitlements and Account Based Licensing makes managing your customer entitlements much much easier, and importantly, so much more hassle free for the customer themselves.

Zentitle provides an End-User Portal for you, so that your end-users or even your multi-user business customers have just what they need in order to get full insight into the software they own, and how they are using it. The End User Portal works hand-in-hand with Account Based Licensing giving you everything you need to support your customer base, with a high degree of self-service which in turn minimizes your operational support overheads. The End-User Portal is of course brandable to ensure your brand continuity. It is also available as a version that is fully customizable so there are solutions for most use cases an ISV could want.

Account-Based Licensing easily integrates with your own approach to managing user identities, from companies such as Auth0, Okta, etc. - allowing you to have a single sign-on identity that can be used across license activations for on-premise software, logging in to SaaS offerings, entering support tickets, accessing customer portals, forums, downloads, and the like.

This enables a ‘Best of Breed’ approach that leverages the power and flexibility of the Zentitle platform in combination with standards-based identity management platforms (such as those supporting OpenID Connect, OAuth2, SAML2, etc.)

For those that don’t need the full flexibility of a separate dedicated identity management solution, Zentitle can provide a central point of control for end-user identities all on its own, for a similar modern experience of ‘login and use’.

Account based licensing doesn't have to center around an individual person, it can be used in many commercial and industrial applications to great effect where it is not a person as such that is operating a device. If you've been wondering about this, how you can use Account Based Licensing in business, industrial, commercial or for hardware/software infrastructure deployment then reach out and ask about the use cases you are thinking of.

Talk to us to find out more about Account Based Licensing and switching to truly modern, powerful cloud-based licensing.

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