COVID Causing License Chaos? Try Long-Term License Checkout

With everyone working from home due to COVID-19, a whole new set of challenges has emerged for software licensing. While you and your clients may have been prepared for movable workers who sometimes plug in at the different offices or sometimes at home, you now face an unprecedented challenge of a completely mobile workforce.

Luckily, if you’re using the latest technology for software licensing like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, you’ll have the powerful functionality to rise to the challenge. Even in a dark deployment.

The Flexibility of Long Term Checkouts

Zentitle was built to offer the ultimate in flexibility to help companies grow revenue and adapt to changing business needs. In fact, Zentitle supports 17 licensing models, including perpetual, subscription based, concurrent, floating feature, hardware, multi-platform and more. Learn more. Even in a dark deployment, the business models are still extremely flexible. Companies can switch between these models at any time and even support a mix of online and offline environments.

To meet the needs of this new COVID world, Zentitle’s LAN Daemon even allows Long Term Checkouts (LTCO). It’s a perfect for business users who are outside the dark premises and need to continue to use your software when disconnected from their LAN. The Long Term Checkout of a license lets them continue as normal while they are away.

Turn Chaos into Opportunity

While we know that the world will return to “normal,” it’s highly likely that it will be a new normal. With LTCO, you’ll be able to deliver entitlements in environments with no internet access. And you don’t need to lose visibility into usage. You’ll have full insight into who is using what to keep tight controls on business.

Zentitle is prepared with the flexibility you need in this fast-changing world. If you need to make a solution change, it’s easier than you think. Learn more.

Stay well. If we can help, contact us today.

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