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Covid19 Changing the Rules on B2B Licensing

If there’s one thing the last 12 months has shown us, it is that the traditional physical workplace has now transitioned into a fluid multi-location workspace. For companies, for people, for the managers of employees running company departments and projects, the scale of this change has been unprecedented. Things were always going to move this way, but Covid19 was the unimaginable catalyst.

Even companies once reluctant to have a distributed workforce with any real significant level of work being done from home have had their hands forced.

This new world relies on our skills as managers, self-managers, our natural ability to adapt as employees, mutual trust, and a lot of key technology to facilitate it too, technology that without which, this pandemic would have been very different indeed.

For software vendors, they have had a sharp reminder of how they actually far more in the business of delivering on customers’ needs than they are on inventing features. As workforces have had to work from home, they have needed to do the one thing all Software Vendors must help them do easily, to simply get on with using their software.

The rise of home-working has been incredible, and millions of employees have had to install software on new or repurposed devices. The licensing and activation technologies for this software, and the platforms used by vendors have had to meet this head on, with varying degrees of success.

Here at Nalpeiron, we help these kind of B2B software vendors to meet the demands of their business customers who have needed the flexibility to rapidly adapt in the last 12 months.

Concurrent Licensing allows the Software Vendor to concentrate on selling the right entitlements to a customer based on 'fingertips on keyboards' at any one moment, instead of blanket enabling every single device those fingers might touch without any form of usage restrictions.

Needs run deeper for Software Vendors when they truly listen to their customers and give them what they want. We live in a world where customers want insight and control over what they own, and once they have that, they really notice and appreciate it.

Providing customers with easy ways to manage their licenses and purchases is what B2B software licensing is all about.

B2B licensing in the 1980s, 90s, and 00s was in-fact nothing more than buying large volumes of regular old-style license codes, but not any more. In the 2010s we saw a massive rise in what's called Account-Based Licensing in regular 'consumer' or B2C sales (it means ‘login and use’ your software with just an Email Address and Password). As of right now, there is as massive change happening for a similar log-in-and-use style for all sizes of business customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about B2B licensing and simply how it can be made easier, how you can meet the demands of business customers, reach out.

Zentitle by Nalpeiron is a leading Cloud-Based Licensing Platform backed by a company that cares about your success and wants to work with you.

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