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End-user Portal for your customers

Not only does Zentitle support Account Based Licensing where your customers get to simply “login and use” your software without needing to remember any license keys, it has a brand new End-user Portal for your customers so they can look after themselves.

Our purpose built End-user Portal makes for much happier customers, they can track what they own, what they’ve activated, what they’ve deactivated. They can even perform activations and deactivations using the End-user Portal if their machine prohibits their software from talking to the internet to perform direct online activations.

When customers can self-serve, your costs go down too. Reducing the amount of calls and emails you receive is an absolute focus of Zentitle and the new End-user Portal extends that even more, driving your support costs down and customer satisfaction up.

What about your multi-user Business Customers?

Yes, the End-user Portal is built to fully support them too. It makes it easy for them to manage multi-user licenses, enabling them to self manage their multiple and/or multi-user licenses with ease. They can take control of their own license management and entitlement deployment.

You can easily brand your End-user Portal with your logo and colours, it can even work on a domain or sub-domain of your choice, and its email communications can come from your chosen company email address. It’s logical, highly intuitive and it seamlessly fits in with your business.

Want to know more? Please contact us to talk about Zentitle’s End-user Portal and Account Based Licensing.

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