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Enforce maintenance policies and remove the need to audit customers

It's much better when your customers are automatically in compliance with both your license terms and your maintenance contracts.

Maintenance contracts are important for your customers and a vital source of revenue for you.

Many ISVs fall into the trap of selling a great number of licenses to a business customer, and yet not knowing or controlling the relationship between the maintenance they are entitled to and the licenses.

When for example a customer owns 500 licenses or seats, if you don’t know if all are covered by a maintenance contract it is common that the customer can access support that they are not truly entitled to. Perhaps they only are covered up to 300 of the seats or licenses, but, which ones? If you don’t know, you could be providing support when you are not being paid to do so, supporting seats that are not actually covered.

The answer lies in having maintenance contracts tracked on a per license basis, and that is what Zentitle Software Licensing does.

Software Vendors moving to Zentitle find it much easier to gain revenue through easily evidenced and attributed maintenance contracts. Confusion is removed and revenues go up.

Many vendors instead manually audit customers all the time, trying to track compliance of both licenses in respect of EULA agreements and associated maintenance contracts. Manual processes that try to piece these things together require staffing, plus the required back-and-forth nature of conversations undertaken to discover and confirm the state of play are never simple. You’re at the mercy of how reactive and attentive each individual customer and point of contact is. Of course, then customer consumption changes, so the picture is always moving.

Step away from the need to audit customers, step into the world of Zentitle when all aspects of compliance are automatically enforced and visible. Get paid what you are owed in a much simpler way.

Grab the ROI Guide to Zentitle for a full overview of all the financial benefits of adopting Zentitle Cloud-Based Software Licensing.

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