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Growth Free From Engineering Restraints

It’s time to set yourself and your engineering team free.

What? Software and SaaS companies exist to make sales and profits. Product Managers, CEOs, CFOs and CROs wake up in the morning to this task and go to bed at night still figuring out how to drive revenues and hit growth objectives.

What are the right growth strategies?

New product development and incremental improvements to existing products? Well, yes, the more “wow” there is, the more Trials and Proofs of Concept turn into business. Product improvements are far from instant though and therefore there is a lack of immediate impact to bottom line sales - and of course, a direct tie to engineering requirements and deliverables.

So what about selling what you already have? Pricing and packaging in new ways to fit the market? There are, after all, many modern business models that can be used, then tuned to perfection for much better response from your target markets and prospective customers.

Surely that’s just another reliance on engineering?

No. In fact it’s not. It’s possible to decouple this monetization from engineering dependencies entirely.

By adopting a centralized customer entitlements platform that empowers you to deliver all traditional and modern licensing models, no longer does engineering have to be back involved each and every time new pricing and packaging is put in place.

Once the new pricing and packaging is defined in an entitlements engine (that works logically alongside CRM, eCommerce, billing platforms) you’re good to go. You’re market ready.

It’s this tuning, agility, speed and ability to meet market needs that is key.

Want to talk about decoupling your growth strategies from engineering dependencies?

Talk to us at Nalpeiron, we are experts in monetization for Software and SaaS.

Here’s a link to grab a meeting. No sales patter, just passion for helping companies unleash their potential.

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