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Is it high time to get SaaSy?

If you’re a software company, built on the success of your Desktop and Server based software, you’ll no doubt have been figuring out to what extent you will transition into being a SaaS company.

You know your customers. You know your competition. You will have strong aspirations as to where you want to fit into the emerging SaaS sector for your market.

It’s about much more than the creation of a SaaS based product, but that doesn’t mean you should fall into ‘can’t put the cart in front of the horse’ thinking. You might not have developed a SaaS offering yet, it does not mean you can’t get SaaSy - and you should. Here’s what you should be doing…

The world over, driven by Mobile and SaaS, subscriptions have become an accepted norm. There are strong advantages; low cost of entry, customers can easily change subscriptions, buy new seats, change to higher tiers. Buying friction is always low. The relationship between customer needs and them quickly owning what fits those needs is strong.

Your Desktop and Server software, or what you might call traditional, “installed software” or “on-premise”, should be driven by SaaSy subscriptions. You only need look at Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office 365 for shining examples of success for these business models, when applied to conventional software.

With your customer base moved to subscription models, users will be conditioned to this method of purchasing from you long before they might adopt your upcoming SaaS equivalent platform.

SaaS monetization is driven by other business models too. You don’t have to wait to adopt these other models either. Usage-Based Licensing (or ‘Consumption’) is another way you can get SaaSy with your existing Desktop and Server Software.

Customer entitlements can be driven by blended business models as well. Imagine cellphone contracts where the customer gets a set amount of calls and data included with their plan but are billed for any extra use they consume. This is in effect Subscription Licensing blended with Usage-Based Licensing.

So, with no excuses, but all the advantages, isn’t it high time you got SaaSy with your existing conventional software offerings?

Here at Nalpeiron we help software companies like you transition into the world of SaaS.

We have the entitlements systems you need, systems that empower you to achieve modern monetization that’s future proofed.

Wherever you are on your SaaS journey, reach out for a quick chat to talk strategies, no obligation whatsoever, we’re here and happy to help.

Who knows where a cup of coffee length chat may take you?

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