Looking for Software Licensing?  ...Take a look at Zentitle - The #1 Cloud-Based Licensing Platform

NEED Software Licensing?  ...Look at Zentitle

Make It Super Quick and Easy To Ship New Products and Licensing Models

Configuring new products and supporting new License Models can be super fast if you choose the right Licensing Platform.

Cloud-based Licensing Platforms are designed to have you configured easily; just a few clicks and you’re away.

They have to be designed in this way so that new ISVs can get up and running fast, and so that ISVs that already use them can prepare, configure and ship new products the moment they need to. 

It is also important to be able to maintain flexibility over your licensing models.

Zentitle is a mature, dedicated, flexible and powerful cloud-based platform which makes it super easy for you to get shipped then to switch things up. So, when you choose to ship using a new, revenue driving licensing model it is easy for you to do.

Make no mistake, new licensing flexibility is something you will need. Decisions may be driven by monetization opportunities, using new subscription or consumption based models. They may also be driven by the insight you have into how your customers are saying they want to buy.

Business customers often want Concurrent Licensing, making it easier for them to purchase and use your product, much better than a traditional one user one license, and with advantages beyond simple multi-user licenses. All these different kinds of license models require your licensing platform to deliver, in a future-proof manner.

Take a look at Zentitle in action in a screen-shared Discovery Call. Enterprise Software Vendors are leaving their dinosaur legacy licensing solutions behind and moving to Zentitle’s far more adaptable approach, backed by Nalpeiron, a leader in licensing with a proven track record of delivering and of reliability and dependability.

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