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Monetize More - Customers Don’t Fit Into Boxes

We’re now fully used to Software and SaaS being offered in different ‘flavours’, but of course it’s not anything particularly new.

Everyone except your younger staff will remember even back in the 1990s the days of Microsoft Office Standard vs Professional vs Small Business and whatever else Microsoft came up with! This exciting menu saw users getting or not getting things like Publisher (not Microsoft’s finest moment?) through to the prerequisites for some buyers of whether Microsoft Access and Outlook were included.

Suites. That is the word.

However, nowadays offerings like these are the norm within even one single application or SaaS offering, where a Lite/Std/Pro approach to ‘tiers’, allow the user to pick the feature set they want. Of course, somewhat frustrating when you ‘only want those one or two extra features’ but you can’t have them unless you are prepared to get your card out for a major spend.

Customers don’t fit into boxes.

Monetization is all about capitalizing on opportunities to make more revenue. There’s often many customers who would be happy to move more of their money from their bank account to yours, but you don’t make it easy for them.

This is why it is time to get clever.

If you’re already selling using Subscriptions (if not, why not?) then there are ways to monetize further, by being able to have a customer pay more, without having them make a move to a higher tier which they are not prepared to do, or fight against doing.

Consumption Licensing, used in conjunction with Subscription Based Licensing, means that you can let your customers use more of something than their subscription allows, and then bill them for the amount of overuse they have consumed. Voilà, the customer is no longer restricted by the box they started off in AND you have gained additional revenue.

Sounds great? How do you do it?

Talk to us here at Nalpeiron about switching your licensing to Zentitle by Nalpeiron, it’s the licensing platform that can free you of all the restrictions of your home-grown or frustrating existing vendor’s licensing, and get your business monetizing your software much more effectively.

If you choose Nalpeiron, you get the expertise and track record of a true leader in licensing. Partnering with us means you have the backing of a world-class engineering and support team and a relationship with your licensing vendor that is refreshing, responsive and engaging.

Reach out for a quick meeting, no obligation, we’d love to hear from you and talk about where the right licensing can take your business in 2022.

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