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Software Licensing Freedom: Nalpeiron Customer Stories

With the newest software licensing technology, all sorts of models, greater control and easy experiences are possible. Here’s what Nalpeiron customers shared about all the new things they can do with Zentitle.

More Licensing Options and Channel Support

“Alibre aims to deliver its customers a menu of flexible licensing options, including node locked, concurrent, and dark site licensing as well as network licenses. Nalpeiron delivered all of those capabilities.

The Reseller Portal feature is very useful for our trusted channel partners to be able to self-service license needs due to time zone differences. Our program also starts much faster than the old Flexera based licensing system, which has made customers happy.”

Max Freeman, CEO, ALIBRE

Cloud Licensing with Security and Control

“Cloud licensing gives us a lot of additional security and a lot more control than anything else we’ve ever had. You just sell it, put it out there and it can be used in any way, shape, or form — even at sites that have no Internet connectivity. Now that we have seen the advantages of the cloud-based approach, we could never go back.”

David O’Neal, Product Line Director, NEW RIVER KINEMATICS

Release Products Faster

“Nalpeiron’s industry leading licensing management solutions help us get our products to market quickly and efficiently and meet our customers’ needs… …since we deployed our products using the Nalpeiron solution, we have experienced notable software revenue growth by being able to quickly and easily protect and license our applications right out of the box.”

Mark Zucherman, Sr. Product Manager ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION

To learn more, check out the New River Kinematics case study.

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