Looking for Software Licensing?  ...Take a look at Zentitle - The #1 Cloud-Based Licensing Platform

NEED Software Licensing?  ...Look at Zentitle

New REST based API for Zentitle Licensing

2021 sees a brand new REST based API for Zentitle, the Cloud-based Licensing platform for Software Vendors

Our extensive API allows you to drive your entitlement operations from your own systems. To have your operations and support staff control everything entitlement related directly from your CRM such as Salesforce, Netsuite etc.

Team up with one of our highly experienced integration partners to make easy work of getting your operations working in the manner you want them to. Deal with the full lifecycle of licensing entitlements for all of your customers with just a few clicks, right from within the systems your staff already use day to day.

Would you like to see some of this in action?

Why not reach out for a demo? We can show you integrations in action, both from the viewpoints of your sales team and account managers right through to the end-user experience, all driven for example, right within Salesforce.

Zentitle also integrates with eCommerce, allowing the fulfilment of license codes and license accounts automatically in real time upon purchase.

Whether you are selling B2C, B2B, or both, licensing entitlement delivery and lifecycles are easy to manage using Zentitle’s REST based API.

Grab your meeting with us do discuss any aspects of Zentitle.

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