Looking for Software Licensing?  ...Take a look at Zentitle - The #1 Cloud-Based Licensing Platform

NEED Software Licensing?  ...Look at Zentitle

Packaging and delivering software in new ways to drive revenue

Easily re-package your IP to create differentiated offerings targeted across a wide range of customer categories and markets at optimal price points

Zentitle empowers you to ship multiple flavors of your software or ‘software suite’ in one single binary, whilst its entitlement delivery and governance makes sure users can access and use only what they have paid for.

In the old days, a LITE/STD/PRO or ‘suite’ approach to your software offerings used to be maintained as individual versions, installers, binaries. Along with that, came all the associated multiplied overheads of version control, development and deployment tasks - difficult to maintain, complex to track.

With modern licensing, this goes away, as do the associated costs of managing things the old way.

The Zentitle way, your customers will have an upgrade path available to them that is friction-free. When they upgrade, the next time they use your software, they are using the new version. No re-installs, nothing messy to do. Plus of course, you benefit from a reduction in support calls associated with all the hiccups they could have encountered, and let’s face it, support is an expensive overhead so lessening the burden on it is extremely welcome.

Multi-user seats increased? No problem.

Renewal of subscriptions? No problem.

Upgrades and purchase of add-on features? No problem.

The delivery of these fantastic new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that come from using Zentitle, are made possible because Zentitle is built around the concept of Dynamic Entitlements, which solves the delivery of entitlement changes by doing it automatically.

Want to read more about the ROI and Revenue Gains of moving to Zentitle? Get the Guide.

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