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Product Led Growth and SaaS

The times are changing! Traditional Software Vendors are adapting and transitioning, moving with the times.

Software sales, facilitated by busy sales teams who are fed by a marketing pipeline from online media has long been a default approach. Tools like CRM and marketing platforms for inbound and outbound lead nurturing and generation have established themselves as standard requirements. But these sales approaches can only take the software vendor so far!

For many vendors it is as if they are being caught in the slow lane, whilst those vendors who are moving with the times, are accelerating ahead. Of course, you really do not want this to happen. You want it to be you who is looking at your competition through the rear view mirror.

SaaS companies, vendors wanting to metamorphose into being SaaS companies, and vendors who are SaaS-ifying the sales models of their Desktop/Server software, all know that Product Led Growth is where they need to be.

With Product Led Growth, it is the product that is at the center of the buying journey, the holy grail being a product which has a self-serve experience, from trial to purchase, upsell and cross-sell. It’s as much a philosophical change as it is an art.

Once it has been accepted that the current status quo is not the future of the business, vendors can move forward.

A SaaS or SaaS style approach, combined with product usage and account/user usage insights, provide the bedrock that a Product Led Growth strategy can be built upon.

It also requires dynamism - an unshackled ability to change and tune offerings, tiers and plans, going way beyond a measure twice cut once approach. 

Servicing the needs of the customer in world where ‘who owns what’ is a complex picture of historic rights, current rights, and changing rights, is as essential as the move to Product Led Growth along with SaaS/SaaS style offerings.

This is why the entitlements engine must not paint the vendor into a corner.

All of the above will of course resonate with Product Managers and CXOs as they wrestle with where they are and where they want to be on this journey of Product Led Growth and SaaS.

If you want to talk about how Entitlements and Licensing fits in, you’re minutes away from being able to do just that, reach out for a quick meeting with Nalpeiron.

Maybe grab a couple of people from your team and reach out for an informal discussion, we might be able to help in ways you had not thought.

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