Looking for Software Licensing?  ...Take a look at Zentitle - The #1 Cloud-Based Licensing Platform

NEED Software Licensing?  ...Look at Zentitle

Protect revenue - reducing unintentional overuse and casual piracy

Home grown and outdated legacy licensing systems leave far too much to chance. Every overuse or unauthorised use represents revenue lost, get that revenue back.

If your existing licensing system doesn’t have the power, control and insight of Zentitle, you may have to accept the stark reality that a huge amount of use of your software is not being paid for.

The activation and deactivation of seats, tracked in Zentitle’s cloud-based licensing platform ensures that your revenue is protected and your IP is providing the return it should be.

Many prospects come to us confirming that they are in the remarkable position that their very paying customers, who have no interest in duping them, can be accidentally out of compliance and overusing their software, simply because their activation process and licensing paradigm allows this to take place quite easily.

Once the entitlement is broken and overuse occurs, the only route back to compliance seems to be through auditing, but, with an outdated licensing methodology that is likened to a leaking bucket, it is not long before the state of play becomes unclear all over again. Stop this cycle, switch to Zentitle.

With Zentitle you also have the power to use great multi-user licensing techniques such as Concurrent Licensing which is fast becoming preferred by both business customers and the ISVs that sell to them.

With concurrent licensing, when a high watermark of use is hit, you can sell more seats and the great thing is that via what we call Dynamic Entitlements, this new addition of extra permitted seats becomes available immediately to your customer. Using your software is friction-free, and the purchasing and fulfilment of seats is friction-free too.

Casual piracy is also fended off with Zentitle. Using best practices upon implementation this can be tackled and reduced, plus other holes can be plugged such as when workers who leave businesses try to continue using software that doesn’t personally belong to them. Remember to get a demo of our identity based ‘login-and-use’ Account Based Licensing too when you talk to us.

Read more about the financial gains of moving to Zentitle by downloading the Zentitle ROI Guide.

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