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Growth Causing Headaches? Solve It with Software Licensing

The good news — you’ve grown. You’ve gained more customers and products.

The challenge — you’ve grown, but now you need to align multiple products while creating and ensuring a great experience for your ever expanding customer base.

Growth is a good problem but it does cause a few headaches. How do you create product alignment in terms of sales, pricing and support? What’s a rational approach to manage licensing across desktop, mobile and SaaS? How can you make sure the experience is great and consistent for acquired customers?

A modern software licensing solution can smooth out an amazing number of issues. A system built on the latest cloud-based technology, like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, offers tremendous flexibility to adapt to meet your needs and deliver the consistent customer experience you must now put forward. The old complications of license keys, embedded files and customer exposure to computer IDs and MAC addresses within the licensing experience are gone. The opportunity to take control of rapid growth through flexible licensing actions that only take users 10 seconds or less is huge.

Today’s licensing solutions will empower your organization to:

  • Enable critical entitlement management to protect revenue and intellectual property.

  • Cover any set of rights — software, hardware, maintenance, or access to resources that software can access.

  • Map entitlements to consistent policies and pricing using an integrated approach that links to Salesforce, your CRM and other systems.

  • Gain full visibility into different views of entitlements to help you assess license revenue, product usage, feature popularity and more.

  • Enable a product portfolio view by creating a common product appearance to markets, delivering software suites where applications and even individual features can be turned on or off, or limited in their use.

You can even take legacy products that have been sold on traditional models like perpetual licenses and turn them into a brand new revenue stream through the use of models like SaaS, concurrent, consumption-based and others. It opens the door to new revenue without a significant investment.

A modern software licensing solution like Zentitle offers the power to take the headaches away and helps your organization enjoy the success and opportunity of growth. To learn more, view this video on Entitlement Management for the CEO.

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