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Does The Shoe Fit or Not? Is it Not Obvious?

Perhaps you’ve been looking at various licensing options, exploring the different platforms you could potentially use.

When reviewing a candidate for any kind of new operational platform, you have to get your head around how it works, why it works the way it does. All the time you are trying to map this to how you work, to your systems, to ascertain if it’s likely to be a good fit.

With something so mission critical as licensing, you need to ensure that the shoe fits, both from a licensing platform perspective and from an assessment of the company behind it.

This is why at Nalpeiron, we see you through a Proof of Concept, not leave you kicking the tires in an unassisted trial.

Focussing on a Proof of Concept lets you not only check the viability of an implementation of our licensing platform, it also gives you that deeper experience of what it is like to work with us as a company.

It is the experience as a whole that will demonstrate to you whether you’ve found a good fit.

  • Produce a working proof of concept
  • Understand how the product works
  • Envisage what you’ll be able to leverage now / in the future
  • Explore the relationship with the licensing vendor
  • Note the level of professionalism, reactivity and engagement
  • Do you see a licensing partner or feel you are just a sales opportunity?

Here at Nalpeiron, we are firm believers that by working with you on a proof of concept, you’ll be able to draw the conclusions you need in order to move forward.

We assign you an account manager who acts as a point person to bring in all the kinds of expertise you need. From monetization strategy consultation to hand-in-hand help with implementation of your proof of concept and beyond.

Of course, not to put the horse in front of the cart, first of all let’s start with a conversation!

Reach out for a quick meeting, here’s a quick form you can use to line one up.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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