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Software Licensing: How to Hit the Accelerator on Product Releases

You’re ready to wow the market after months of planning a product launch. Your want to try new licensing model instead of compromising yet again but your software licensing solution won’t cut it and the good intentions get pushed aside once again.

Sound familiar? Many companies run into this scenario.

Old Licensing Technology Slows Down Launches

If your licensing solution uses old technology that often means license keys, files buried deep in systems and an overly complex customer experience when it comes to licensing that they don’t like. It’s no wonder. Addressing these issues seems like it will put the brakes on a release, but that’s not true. A modern licensing system is ready to go, it’s adaptable, flexible, freeing your developers from being bogged down with another ever-expanding project.

A “Build Your Own” Causes Unexpected Challenges

Many companies underestimate what it takes to build a licensing solution. Beyond the immediate needs, it requires deep and continual planning to deal with changing technologies, OS updates, back office system support and security issues. If tight engineering resources haven’t kept up, that’s bad news for a product launch. Then there’s the deep knowledge needed for multiple licensing models, including SaaS, consumption, account-based and the other hot models that product managers and customers want, that drive revenue.

Today’s Licensing Technology Puts the Pedal to the Metal

If you have an entirely new product, don’t let licensing hold you up. Modern solutions, like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, have helped top software companies hit the gas on releasing products. Everything is ready to go:

  • Pre-built models empower you to focus on building the best experience for the customer and your company. Instead of defining requirements and building code, you focus on the decisions that impact revenue, protect intellectual property and create happy customers.

  • You gain your pick of licensing models to match what your business needs. Zentitle supports over a dozen licensing models, including perpetual, subscription based, concurrent, floating feature, hardware, multi-platform and more. Learn more.

  • Licensing becomes drop-dead easy with the guiding light of the 10-second rule. Zentitle’s philosophy is built around anything that is taking a customer more than 10 seconds to complete for licensing is being done wrong. That’s a huge change that drives speed.

  • You free up precious resources for bigger impact initiatives. Your team can focus on creating hot new features, the customer experience and taking the lead in the market.

  • Massively lower support tickets due to licensing.

If you’ve considered adopting modern licensing, make 2020 your year. Free yourself from pointless compromises and make the switch. It’s easier than you think with Nalpeiron’s proven process and technology. Learn more by grabbing a quick 10 minute meeting.

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