Dark on Licensing Due to Dark Sites? Turn on the Light

For security, it is common for your business customers to restrict Internet access on their premises and networks. These “dark site” restrictions result in a critical issue you need to address to manage your business. How do you enable your customers to use your software, hassle free, and yet protect your intellectual property (IP) and deliver and maintain the entitlements that your business customers pay for?

With a modern licensing solution like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, you can go from dark to light, getting the information you need for a successful partnership and helping clients maintain their security.

Protection Plus Insight

Zentitle offers three modes of deployment — open Internet, Relay Server and Network Licensing. Let’s take a deeper look at how offline works.

Zentitle Network Licensing enables you to provide an easy to install LAN Daemon for those customers who have dark site requirements. Licensing events are performed by the LAN Daemon once it is configured and activated.

The LAN Daemon can be installed and activated in a completely offline/dark environment and enforces your license policy for that customer without any ongoing connectivity to the cloud.

A lighter weight solution is the Zentitle Relay Server. Installed within the customer’s DMZ, the Relay Server acts as a central conduit for all instances of your software within the customer’s firewalled network to communicate licensing events to and from the standard Zentitle cloud-based licensing service.

Protection Plus Model Flexibility

Even in a dark deployment, business models are still extremely flexible, including traditional perpetual licenses, time-based enforcements, subscriptions, concurrent and more. You can switch between these models at any time and even support a mix of online and offline environments.

The LAN Daemon even allows Long Term Checkouts (LTCO). An example of this in action would be a business user leaving the dark premises on a business trip and wanting to continue to use your software even if they are disconnected from their LAN for an extended period of time. The Long Term Checkout of a license lets them continue as normal while they are away.

Instead of simply hoping that license rights are being enforced in a dark environment, Zentitle helps you shine a light into usage and enables you to deliver entitlements in environments with no internet access. To learn more, contact us today.

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