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Software Licensing Island? Choose Easy Integration to Back Office Systems

If your software licensing solution is an island and difficult to connect to your back office systems, you’re missing out on business intelligence and the opportunity to save your internal team precious development time.

Software entitlements feed into important business processes, starting with the initial order and connecting right into revenue recognition, customer change orders, renewals and much more. If you can’t easily integrate into your CRM, e-commerce and back end systems, it’s a huge limitation that impacts revenue reporting, your customer experience and support costs.

Nalpeiron’s Zentitle — Ready-to-Go Connections

A modern cloud licensing system like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle is built right from the start with its API, webhooks and out-of-the box integrations that connect to your other systems. Older or homegrown systems often require you to build these connections vs. a ready-to-go solution.

Zentitle’s comprehensive web services allow you to achieve the process flows you want, whatever the system you are using, from Salesforce, NetSuite, SAP, and Oracle, to Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho or any other system. That means your business intelligence is spot on, making for smooth operations and monitoring of KPIs.

You can even simplify e-commerce integration with FastSpring (an out of the box integration) or other providers to deliver a fully automated “purchase through to delivery” experience for your customers. The result — it’s easy to buy. If you’re pursuing a cross-sell or upsell strategy, you can also use Zapier for easy and simple connections with your marketing, CRM and transactional email systems. An example is taking the email addresses of new trial users and new clients into your other cloud-based services for use in promotion and general communication.

Why Do It Yourself?

As a software or hardware company, you want those critical development resources focused on delivering features that clients need (that’s also the fun part for development teams). With a modern licensing solution like Zentitle, you’ll make sure time is spent on programs that grow revenue while gaining the important system connections that power up your business.

To learn more about easy integration, check out this brief video.

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