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NEED Software Licensing?  ...Look at Zentitle

Stream Out Your Zentitle Licensing and Usage Data and Leverage It For $$$s

Software Vendors can tap into and realize huge value when Licensing Usage Analytics and Product Usage Analytics is done right. It provides positive and specific benefits that can drive revenue upwards.

Traditionally, Analytics solutions provide pre-designed and quite inflexible ‘canned’ reports, these are not built and specified by you to meet your needs, instead they are ‘one size fits all’. Without the flexibility to adapt those reports or generate new ones, disillusionment so often follows purchase of these types of solution.

Instead, with the new Beta of Zentitle's Datastream you can tap into your data how YOU want to, so you can truly leverage it to best effect.

Zentitle’s new Datastream allows you to 'pipe-where-you-like' when it comes to both your Licensing Usage Data and Product Usage Data (behavioural in-app data). This means flexibility that ultimately frees you to use the tools and BI platforms that you will get the most from.

Taking these two different Data types together you can leverage and create and reveal new monetization opportunities like never before.

Here’s just some of the things that are suddenly made possible:

  • Customer Auditing and Usage Reporting
  • Logging Customer Service Operator Activity
  • Detecting License Abuse
  • Reveal Sales Opportunities within your existing Customer Base
  • See Which Prospects are Engaging and Likely to Buy

So, if you are interested in harnessing the power and potential within your data, to reveal qualified leads and opportunities that will grow your business, and tap into the world of Usage Intelligence in a way that does not box you in, reach out and talk to your account manager about gaining access to the Beta.

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