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Super Easy Licensing — Go Account Based

Account Based licensing is one of the hottest trends in software licensing today. Here’s why. It’s incredibly flexible, makes managing entitlements super easy and removes significant hassle for your customers. You can create the same simple “login and use” experience provided by all the major players, from Adobe to Microsoft and even Dropbox, Evernote, Google and iCloud. That experience is a wow — SaaS, modern and pain free.

Account Based licensing makes it easier for users to access your software by simply requiring an email address and password. That completely changes the experience for your team as well as your customers. Your support team saves time because sending license codes back and forth goes away. And there’s less stress for end users because they don’t need to remember a complicated license key.

How It Works — Flexibility Rules

The beauty of Account Based Licensing is how it adapts to your specific needs. It delivers and controls entitlements in exactly the way you want for every licensing model, including Subscriptions, Usage Based, Feature Based and Concurrent models and more. Plus, users can roam from device to device only ever needing to remember their email address (or any username) and password. You can even easily integrate into an existing identity system.

The flexibility extends to your end-customer administrators as well — allowing your customers to locally administer which of their employees should have access to your software.

How It Protects — Control Increases

Whatever scenario applies to your organization, a big benefit holds true in every situation. Account Based licensing increases control. It removes exposing license keys to employees, which opens up risk if they leave the company. Your administrator has stronger oversight and an easier ability to add, delete or revise an existing license. With the latest software licensing solutions, you’ll also gain access to a brandable customer-facing portal (for all models) which increases visibility and control for administrators, your support team and your end users.

Control. Visibility. Flexibility. The benefits of Account Based licensing all add up to a user-centric experience that’s a win for everyone. To learn more, watch this 90-second video.

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