Try Modern Licensing with Your Next Software Release — You’ll Never Go Back!

You need to see something in action to experience the difference. Listen to a sample of music before downloading. Take a test drive with a car. Watch a movie trailer before hitting play.

It’s why you should consider trying a modern software licensing solution with your next release. With just one release, you’ll see how the latest solutions do things differently.

  1. Simplicity for your customers. License keys and cumbersome license files are gone. The cloud takes care of all the back and forth communication. Users are up and running so fast. Entitlement updates are automatically sent.

  2. Time savings for your internal team. Because old concepts like MAC addresses, host IDs, server names and putting files in obscure locations are no longer required, support calls drop.

  3. Ready for launch faster. Today’s solutions like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle are ready-to-go with pre-built models and best practices. Instead of creating, maintaining and supporting code and infrastructure, you can keep your eyes on the best customer experience instead.

  4. Big selection of licensing models. Ready for SaaS? How about an account-based ‘login and use’ customer experience with an End-user Portal? Zentitle supports over a dozen licensing models, including perpetual, subscription based, concurrent, floating feature, hardware and more. Learn more.

  5. An increase in visibility. You can view who is using licenses and when, individual stats on each machine, what operating systems are on what machine, service packs or versions, where access to the app or service is occurring and how.

Once you see modern licensing technology in action, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. And it’s much simpler than you think — contact us today.

Contact Nalpeiron today to get started for 2020.

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