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NEED Software Licensing?  ...Look at Zentitle

Boom, Done. Take the Pain Out of Updating Software Entitlements

It’s been a tedious process for a long time. A customer wants to upgrade or change their software license, which starts a tiresome series of steps. The customer and your support team jump through all sorts of hoops for this change, issuing new license keys or files, copying and moving these files around or even initiating a complete re-install. What a pain. A draining, annoying and surely unnecessary exercise of jumping through hoops for your customer, and for you!

When you choose Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, all those difficulties disappear with a game-changing approach called Dynamic Entitlements. You simply update the customer’s entitlements on the hosted Zentitle dashboard or through the comprehensive web services API. That’s it. Nothing more to do, the next time your customer launches their software they are good to go.

Change, Boom, Done – Incredible Time Savings

Does your customer want to upgrade from a short-term license to a longer term license? Boom, done. Transition to perpetual or floating licenses? Boom, done. The new rights will automatically be applied to your end-customer’s environment without manual updates.

Dynamic Entitlements remove all the complexity of installing updates for both you and your customers, giving you a much more operationally efficient process and generating higher customer satisfaction. It makes the old way of working with legacy licensing systems look cumbersome, complex and old fashioned.

How It Works – Automatic Propagation

It’s seamless. The authoritative rights are held in the Nalpeiron Cloud. As changes are made, they are automatically propagated to the end user’s device, allowing rights to be securely upgraded or downgraded as desired. The local rights are held in a secure local cache which can be read through the Nalpeiron API by the application. The cache also has a ‘License Check Interval,’ which defines the maximum amount of time the local rights are valid without forcing a refresh of those rights from the cloud.

Why not choose easy with Zentitle? Switching software licensing systems is not as difficult as you may think. To learn more about Nalpeiron’s Dynamic Entitlements, view this insightful video.

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