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When The Sands Shift Beneath Your Feet, Will You Be Ready?

When requirements shift beneath your feet, will you be ready?

It is all too easy to find yourself not being able to sell to otherwise surefire-to-close prospects who would have been ready to buy, if only your licensing had not made it difficult for you to sell to them.

Picking the right Software Licensing Solution requires a great deal of forethought and sometimes exhaustive foresight.

Knowing your customer base is of course key. Knowing how they want to consume and pay for software, and how their procurement of it and putting it into use happens is vital.

Take something increasingly widespread nowadays such as virtualization. Will the licensing solution you choose deal with VMs in an appropriate fashion? It is surprising how many solutions don’t. What about Offline, and Networks with no internet access etc?

If you choose a dinosaur-like legacy licensing solution, you are likely going to pick a solution which has seen little modernization in years, its weaknesses becoming all too apparent in practice. Those ISVs who have been in this position soon find that their old-style legacy licensing partner also can’t and won’t react. There’s too much inherent intertia and this leaves ISVs in a compromised position time and time again.

The ‘goldilocks’ informed choice for demanding ISVs is of course not to trust in a startup Licensing Provider who lacks invaluable experience and resources that won’t be there when needed to be drawn on, but also not to accidentally be drawn towards a dinosaur legacy licensing provider that’s unreactive, uninterested and unresponsive. The 'goldilocks' choice is in the middle, highly experienced, proven and highly responsive.

Demanding ISVs like you want more and deserve more. Nalpeiron is a USA based Software Licensing Provider that has been in business for over 15 years serving top-name ISVs. We work closely with ISVs to fully deliver on their licensing requirements 24x7x365.

ISVs of the calibre we serve demand the best levels of Support and responsiveness, and that is what they get.

When requirements shift, you’ll be ready, because we are, Zentitle meets and exceeds ISVs demands, comprehensively covering all the use-cases of top name ISVs across the world.

Contact us now to discuss Zentitle and see it in action for yourself.

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