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Zentitle Licensing Allows Hospitals to Meet Demands of COVID-19

Hardware and Software Licensing in the Medical Industry

The efficient monetization and smooth entitlement control of Zentitle enables hospitals to meet the 'surge and flex' demands that COVID-19 has brought.

Spacelabs provides patient bedside monitoring and data collection hardware and software to hospitals and medical environments.

Gerald Chrisinger, Manager, Global Product Support at Spacelabs Healthcare, wanted to monetize their offerings in a more precise and controlled manner, while providing greater flexibility for their customers in the business models offered.

“The Zentitle licensing approach is the way of the future - all medical applications will go this way.”

Spacelabs have found that Nalpeiron’s Zentitle licensing platform enables them to deliver great value to their customer base in a way which not only meets market needs but in an operationally efficient manner.

“Zentitle’s feature set was eye opening and in making the move it was clear that we should have done it years ago.”

Read the complete Case Study now and see how Zentitle's real-world flexibility and power makes for a great business decision.

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