100s of ISVs with Millions of end-users use Zentitle's enterprise-class cloud-based licensing and analytics to monetize and measure their software 24x7.

We constantly receive positive reviews and feedback from customers who have made the move to our modern Hosted Software Licensing and Analytics solutions. We have customers both large and small, hosted and using on-premise solutions, across the World and in almost every Industry.

Switching to Truly Modern Licensing Technology

Having established that they needed to make the shift to a cloud-first vision of managing customer entitlements, Objectif Lune chose Zentitle, upon seeing what the platform would enable them to do, and impressed with the team at Nalpeiron.

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Licensing Flexibility

Alibre wanted a solution that they could rely on when integrated with their systems such as Salesforce, and that could empower them to use a variety of licensing options on top of the regular ones they would use, including floating licenses, licensing on networks, and offline.

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Hardware and Software Licensing in the Medical Industry

Efficient monetization and smooth entitlement control, enables hospitals to respond to COVID-19 need to "surge and flex".

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Pointfuse Gains Enormous Flexibility with Nalpeiron’s Zentitle Software Licensing

Pointfuse, a leader in converting the millions of individual measurements captured by laser scanning hardware into usable 3D models, needed to adapt its licensing to align with growing trends in the customer base.

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Once You Go Cloud - You Never Go Back!

To address multiple concerns, many of which related to their End-Users' experience of using their Software, New River Kinematics actively looked for a much better approach to Licensing, finding the right solution was clearly to go cloud-based.

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Drive Revenues - Nalpeiron helps improve connections with end users and cut down on unauthorized resellers and piracy

When Smith Micro Software decided to find a new licensing solution for their Productivity and Graphics group. They turned to Nalpeiron to help improve connections with end users and cut down on unauthorized re- sellers and piracy.

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Focus on Core Strengths - Nalpeiron Delivers "Speed to Market" for Datacolor

Traditionally, Datacolor relied on an in-house licensing solution to address its existing businesses; however, it became clear early on that the ChromaCal business model required a different solution and time was short.  A colleague who had recently assessed various licensing solutions recommended Nalpeiron.

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OnOne Software finds Security and Close Partnership with Nalpeiron

OnOne Software focuses on photography and writes desktop application software for Mac and Windows users who are photographers, both amateur and professional. The cloud-based software allows these photographers to edit photos. The company offers extensive free training, a freemium 30-day trial period, and other incentives for customers to try the products. PhotoShop, the standard software used by photo editors, has plug-ins that allow extensive features, and OnOneSoftware is one of them.

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Nalpeiron: A Business with “Character and Integrity”

For MediaShout, the benefits of the Nalpeiron Licensing Service include peace of mind regarding security, increased income through new licensing options, and great technical support, and for their end-users, they include more options regarding licenses and pricing.  In other words, Nalpeiron has benefited both MediaShout as well as MediaShout’s end-users.

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Nalpeiron Rocks the Music Industry with Licensing Management for Liquid Notes

"First," says Trimmel, "Nalpeiron offers excellent customer support. With Nalpeiron, we get instant feedback if we report any issue that our customers may run into. Also, they keep on innovating fast by bringing new state-of-the-art solutions and updates to market. This is very important, because when you run a business like ours you want to make sure that your customers have an absolutely trouble-free experience with your software.

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Linnsoft drive Sales and Service with Nalpeiron License Management

In this case study Linn Software show how the Nalpeiron Licensing system can be used to solve complex licensing issues and drive a range of business benefits. As a small company Linnsoft can also see the potential to use the Nalpeiron system to offer enhanced customer support to bona fide customers.

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SoftCafe wouldn't trust anyone but Nalpeiron with their License Keys

Softcafe and their end-users have been enjoying the benefits of the Nalpeiron Licensing System for over four years now. The flexibility, ease of use and state of-the-art security offered by the Nalpeiron system have meant that CEO Scott Tyburski and his team have been free to concentrate on developing their software range, with no need to divert resources to licensing development, or licensing related support issues.

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