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Nalpeiron Rocks the Music Industry with Licensing Management for Liquid Notes


Based in Vienna, Austria and San Francisco, California, Re-Compose has been developing pioneering methods and technologies for digital music production and optimal music perception since 2007. Their software Liquid Notes is a revolutionary standalone instrument and plug-in that combines a world-class composer, songwriting partner, arranger, and a set of meticulously designed controls and functions--all in one package! Beyond breathtaking musical skill and analytical capabilities, Liquid Notes allows the user unlimited creativity and inspiration through its groundbreaking functionality.

The Challenge

"Re-Compose is known for delivering high-quality software products for the music industry, and we are very proud of that fact," says Roland Trimmel, Co-Founder of Re-Compose.

"Our customers are composers, producers, and DJs of all genres."

"With platforms like the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, licensing and other functions are taken care of by those parties when developing an app.

It is a part of their SDK. However, that is not the case with desktop applications, which are an entirely different world altogether. As a developer of desktop applications, you are in charge of everything, from licensing to distribution, billing, etc. So, we needed to look for a licensing management solution," says Trimmel.

Why Nalpeiron?

Trimmel adds: "We had several selection criteria when choosing Nalpeiron: The first was flexibility. We wanted a cloud-based system maintained by the vendor, so we could be more hands-off and focus on our core competence instead. Nalpeiron fit the bill.  With Nalpeiron, we are truly outsourcing the licensing, which is just not our core business. The installation was smooth, the system well-documented, and customer support was easy.  Re-Compose started with a few hundred licenses two years ago and has since come round several times and purchased many more additional licenses.

"Secondly, the quality of the service is excellent, which matches our own commitment to excellence. As our growth continued, we also wanted to be sure that adding more licenses would be easy.

"Another factor was the price, because price matters, especially to start-ups. You can get Nalpeiron’s entry-level pricing for a fraction of services by competitors. And it reflects well on the functionalities we need. The pricing offered by other companies in the licensing management services market is very high for comparable solutions. Start-ups do not have the budget to spend big money on licensing management solutions that are inflexible and come with a range of features which are not needed. It certainly is a factor that hampers innovation in software development on the desktop! But Nalpeiron has proven to be a good fit for us."

The Result

"First," says Trimmel, "Nalpeiron offers excellent customer support. With Nalpeiron, we get instant feedback if we report any issue that our customers may run into. Also, they keep on innovating fast by bringing new state-of-the-art solutions and updates to market. This is very important, because when you run a business like ours you want to make sure that your customers have an absolutely trouble-free experience with your software. That starts from installation to daily use of it. And it includes taking into account that your customers may have installed an update for their Mac or Windows computer which may effect the licensing management service."


Nalpeiron Licensing Service provides affordable software licensing with excellent customer service.  Re-Compose relies on these services to make them an integral part of delivering an outstanding experience to their customers when using one of their products.

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