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Hardware and Software Licensing in the Medical Industry

Efficient Monetization and Smooth Entitlement Control

Enables hospitals to respond to COVID-19 need to “surge and flex”

“Zentitle’s feature set was eye opening and in making the move it was clear that we should have done it years ago.”

Gerald Chrisinger, Manager, Global Product Support at Spacelabs Healthcare

“The Zentitle licensing approach is the way of the future - all medical applications will go this way.”

  • Ability to sell and deliver in new Modern Licensing Methods
  • Monetizing much easier, delivering on the Sales Process
  • Simple for Customers, from Purchase to Delivery
  • Eliminating on-site support tasks for Field Engineers

What drove Spacelabs to change their licensing?

Spacelabs provides patient bedside monitoring and data collection hardware and software to hospitals and medical environments.

Gerald Chrisinger, Manager, Global Product Support at Spacelabs Healthcare, wanted to monetize their offerings in a more precise and controlled manner, while providing greater flexibility for their customers in the business models offered.

Spacelabs also wanted to reduce the level of manual intervention required by technicians on the ground with the licensed equipment, installing or updating entitlements.

Providing operational simplicity in a customer friendly fashion that enables them to easily expand and upgrade rights, was also a key objective.

“Our customers tell us they appreciate how our licensing options are much more flexible.”

The environment and the model

Inherently, hospitals are secure environments, both physically as well as from a connectivity standpoint - Spacelabs needed a solid platform that also works well in these ‘dark’ environments.

For medical devices, the licensing system needed to provide a logical, straightforward and easily implementable workflow, so that new hardware and software can easily be provisioned when sold, and in future its entitlements can be changed and updated in the field efficiently with minimal manual intervention.

“The Zentitle licensing approach is the way of the future - all medical applications will go this way.”

Spacelabs’ Central Station provides a single point of collection and monitoring for bedside sensor equipment. Spacelabs wanted to license on a per bed basis, with the ability to add beds as needed, when hospitals needed to extend usage. This could be anything from 2 to 48 beds per station.

“Zentitle allows us to meet customer needs in a flexible and reactive manner, selling them what they need. Zentitle is a money maker.”

Spacelabs also offer a Server Based Solution for data collection which is now licensed and monetized on a similar per-bed basis using Zentitle.

Medical equipment licensed in this way allows Spacelabs to sell to hospitals in a highly flexible manner that matches how hospitals and medical centres manage their budgets.

Moving to Zentitle

Spacelabs, as a leader in the medical industry, have found Zentitle delivers on all their objectives while bringing more future potential to the table.

Spacelabs incorporate Zentitle at point of manufacturing, provisioning their equipment ready for each customer in a highly controlled, efficient and streamlined way.

“In manufacturing, it is very impressive, we have a perfectly tuned mechanism which monitors and puts in place Zentitle licensing. Zentitle license provisioning is logical and neatly sits as part of our manufacturing process - we have this down to a fine art.”

Whereas previously manual intervention by field engineers to perform licensing entitlement changes was drawn out, (even requiring reinstallation and stepping through re-patching software in a strict order just to achieve this) the new experience with Zentitle is hugely simplified.

With entitlement changes requiring nothing more than a quick and easy reactivation, licensing-related problems with associated operational overheads are reduced to near zero.

“When field engineers are on-site doing any upgrades and changes, the licensing is not affected. We used to have to reapply patches for the licensing to work again, not any longer, Zentitle takes all that away.”

“We like the simple, easy to use, easy to deploy licensing schemas that Nalpeiron offers.If you look at other licensing schemas out there it can be ridiculously expensive whereas Zentitle is affordable. It works really well for our customers.”

“Zentitle is very friendly and easy for us to use.”

Zentitle helps Spacelabs Healthcare to allow hospitals to meet COVID-19 challenges

With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Spacelabs found Zentitle’s easy entitlement update mechanism really paid off for their customers, giving them far greater agility.

Hospitals needed to dramatically reconfigure their wards to “surge and flex”, creating beds where they were most needed.  The ability for Spacelabs to easily modify the licensed bed counts for each monitoring hub gave the hospitals the flexibility they needed to set up these new isolated wards.

“COVID-19 has required hospitals to dramatically expand and create brand new units. We’ve been able to meet these expanding needs electronically. We can make these sweeping changes. Incredibly flexible.”

“Being able to modify a license remotely, without having to physically visit the location with all of the COVID-19 related restrictions makes things so much easier.”

This unprecedented and unexpected challenge demonstrates the power of the flexibility Zentitle provides.

Moving forward

Spacelabs have found that Nalpeiron’s Zentitle licensing platform enables them to deliver great value to their customer base in a way which not only meets market needs but in an operationally efficient manner.

Spacelabs are looking forward to Zentitle’s ongoing enhancements and new capabilities.

“As Zentitle rolls out further new capabilities, we will be looking to fully take advantage.”

Spacelabs’ trust in Zentitle is further bolstered by the responsiveness they have experienced when engaging with the world-class support team at Nalpeiron and the collaborative nature of the relationship.

“Nalpeiron’s support really stands out. They have always been able to answer our questions and are really responsive - that’s one of the things about Nalpeiron we really value.”

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