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Switching to Truly Modern Licensing Technology

Having established that they needed to make the shift to a cloud-first vision of managing customer entitlements, Objectif Lune chose Zentitle upon seeing what the platform would enable them to do, and impressed with the team at Nalpeiron.

  • Moving away from proprietary licensing
  • Needing a responsive licensing partner who would work with them
  • Solid support for VMs
  • Monetization Opportunities

Case Study

Objectif Lune is the leader in solutions used to produce and distribute personalised documents that are at the core of business-critical processes and ongoing customer communications.

Invoices, picking lists, contracts, in fact any transactional document that requires personalized data to be merged with user-defined templates - this is what Objectif Lune makes possible for its clients.

One of the main things that attracted us to Nalpeiron was the level of care and attention they showed us from the moment we first engaged with them. They have a proven record and a very responsive team which was just what we wanted!. It made our decision to select them as a partner very simple. Our relationship has continued to be of great value and we’ve never looked back.

Philippe Fontan, Technical Product Manager, Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune’s solutions create documents in print, PDF, web and email formats and are used to produce millions of documents every year, across the world. If you are reading this, chances are you have at some point received documents produced using their technology.

We reached out to Nalpeiron because we wanted to move away from our proprietary licensing, which we’d been using for years, and to switch to truly modern technology. After discussing our licensing requirements with Nalpeiron, it became evident that we’d found a provider who would work with us on our monetization strategy.

Philippe Fontan, Technical Product Manager, Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune’s solutions are widely adopted by government, household-name banks and insurance companies - the very largest of organisations as well as thousands of small to medium businesses.

Objectif Lune chose Zentltle after a careful period of assessment. Their home-grown licensing scheme had run its course and they had identified the need to make the shift to a cloud-first vision of managing customer entitlements.

What we like about Nalpeiron is the relationship we have with them: it’s productive, assured, and if we need something or want to run an idea past them, they are there. Very different from many tech providers that you can’t get hold of.

Philippe Fontan, Technical Product Manager, Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune wanted to incorporate different types of licensing models into their product; floating licenses, time-based licenses, perpetual licenses, all of which are models which Zentitle supports in the specific ways that Objectif Lune wants to use them.

As with many software companies, the licensing world changed under our feet and we encountered more and more challenges around VMs and the various ways in which software can be deployed. Nalpeiron, along with its purpose built Zentitle cloud-based licensing, came onto our radar and impressed us with its solid approach to VMs

Philippe Fontan, Technical Product Manager, Objectif Lune

With Zentitle’s strong foundational support for Consumption Based Licensing, Objectif Lune has started implementing this method of licensing and billing into their products. They are considering a hybrid model of licensing that has both subscription and consumption-based elements, a cutting edge approach which Zentitle caters for with ease.

Objectif Lune also sell through a network of resellers. Zentitle allows them to track the entitlements that are sold in this way. Zentitle’s reliability, robustness and solid track record is vital for Objectif Lune as just one of their customers alone can produce millions of documents a year using their software, and just one of their resellers could have up to 20 such customers. The customer base is vast, the software usage is intense, and the dependability on Objectif Lune and their entitlements working is therefore mission critical.

As the company moves forward, micro-services in the cloud, hosted in containers, accessed in a SaaS-like fashion will be a likely progression. Objectif Lune believes that they are in the right hands with Nalpeiron, comfortable that they will be able to adapt and evolve in a changing marketplace, monetizing effectively.

What stood out with Nalpeiron was their communication: it was very easy and responsive from the start. They worked with us to establish the best way for us to roll-out our licensing, walking us through the nuances step by step when needed. That relationship between people is vital to us, as it brings so much more value than a platform alone.

Philippe Fontan, Technical Product Manager, Objectif Lune

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