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Nalpeiron Software Licensing

A Hosted Software Licensing Service for Application Control, Trial Management and Software Activation. Easily retrofit your Software and then control all the elements of a users interaction and usage. Protect your Intellectual Property while giving users a great experience


Use Nalpeiron Software Licensing to:

  • Control, secure and manage your Software assets
  • Save engineering time by outsourcing your license management
  • Automated systems capture license abuse and convert it to new revenues
  • Total control of your installed apps from a central server using the Nalpeiron API
  • Measure and report license activation and usage
  • VM Management and Control




Nalpeiron Software Analytics

A real-time Business Information Service for Software Analytics, Run-time Intelligence and Product Usage Insight. Easily retrofit your Software and then capture all the critical elements of a user’s interaction and usage. Understand how your Software is performing in the wild.


Use Nalpeiron Software Analytics to: ​

  • Get facts-based interaction data in real-time
  • Capture user “feedback” and gain detailed insight into product usage
  • Improve software quality, reduce customer support and enhance the user experience
  • Use feature adoption data to plan new products and focus engineering resources
  • Recognize new opportunities and trends
  • Save time collating defect, support and product marketing reports




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