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E-commerce, an abbreviation of “Electronic Commerce”, is the practice of allowing end-users to purchase entitlements over the internet on a self-serve basis, typically using a credit card. Within the software licensing field, the e-commerce system is typically integrated with the license provisioning mechanism so that the product(s) purchased through the e-commerce self-serve portal are automatically ‘fulfilled’ (delivered) to the customer, typically through an automated email that includes instructions on how to activate the license(s) purchased. This may involve providing the end-user with links pointing to where they can download the software, and usually includes the License Code representing the entitlement they have purchased. Once the user installs the software and runs it for the first time, they are typically prompted for the license code, the software then activates, and the end-user is able to make use of the software or device according to the rights they have purchased.

See also License Code and Entitlement

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