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25th September 2018

Nalpeiron Integration with FastSpring

We are pleased to announce that together, FastSpring, a leading ecommerce provider, and Nalpeiron have created a fully supported ‘out of the box’ integration between these two leading platforms. This integration allows ISVs to easily set up ecommerce storefronts for their Nalpeiron-licensed products and fully automate the generation and delivery of licenses to their customers.

FastSpring’s best of breed ‘pop up’ ecommerce dialog makes purchasing products in the storefront as simple and fast as possible, driving higher revenues and higher customer satisfaction. For more information about the FastSpring / Nalpeiron integration, and to see a demo, contact your Nalpeiron Account Manager.

16th September 2018

Improved Faster Search

You spoke and we listened!

We’ve now made searching for Computer IDs, License Codes, Companies and End-Users far faster and easier to use!

Simply pick the type of the item you are looking for in the dropdown box, enter what you're after in the text box and hit the Search icon!

Your search results will come back quicker than ever before.

24th August 2018

Audaxium Integration with NetSuite for Nalpeiron Licensing

We are pleased to announce that Audaxium, a Nalpeiron partner, has created an out of the box connector for NetSuite users.

This integration allows the creation or updating of Nalpeiron licenses based on the creation of orders or contracts in NetSuite. License information is brought back into NetSuite when updated in Nalpeiron.

License can be Trial or Full Licenses and one can determine what license to create based on the data being processed in NetSuite.

Users also have the ability to create licenses directly from within NetSuite for support and other admin purposes. For more information, and/or an introduction to the experts at Audaxium, contact your Nalpeiron Account Manager.

1st January 2018

Consumption Based Licensing

One of the leading modern ways to sell and monetize your software is to offer it using Consumption Based Licensing, charging your customers for what they use, and billing them pre or post-consumption.

Commonly, you may use Consumption Based Licensing in conjunction with Subscription Based Licensing. For example, you may wish to sell a Monthly Subscription where a preset amount of usage (consumption) is included, and then offering customers the ability to purchase the ability to do more consumption when they run out.

Nalpeiron Consumption Based Licensing works by tracking what we call Consumption Tokens, a group of Consumption Tokens is called a Consumption Pool. So, typically, a particular feature belonging to a License Code will have a Consumption Pool. The initial number of Tokens in the Pool is easy to set, and it is equally simple to re-fill the pool as required using simple automated web-service calls or manually in the Nalpeiron Licensing user interface.

What's great with Nalpeiron's Consumption Licensing is that you can use it in conjunction with lots of other forms of our licensing...

For example, you might use our Concurrent Licensing so that only a limited number of users within a bigger total of users can use your software at once. This can even all be done on one license code. So, you can effectively have a group of users all consuming Tokens from the same Consumption Pool. If you sell to businesses this might be high on your wish-list.

As another example, in conjunction with our Account Based Licensing, you can have your users login using their Email Address and Password in order to use your software, (they don't need to be exposed to conventional License Codes at all) and they can consume whatever they pay for. How you want this to work is up to you! Common configurations such as subscription to differently priced tiered offerings including pre-defined consumption limits are just as easy to deploy as a pure and simple Pay-as-you-go Models.

In short, Consumption Based Licensing with its Consumption Token and Consumption Pool logic provides extremely flexible ways you can have this modern Licensing method work for you. If you have a particular scenario in mind, please get in touch, we'll help you ascertain how to do it. With our vast wealth of experience of the demands and needs of different Software Publishers we can help you figure out a way forward that's going to work well for you. Nalpeiron Licensing is better, simpler and faster than anything else out there.

22nd December 2017

Account Based Licensing

Are you looking for Software Licensing that your end-users can experience by simply logging into your software using their Username or Email Address and a password? Effectively, Software Licensing without License Codes from the point of view of your customers.

This modern approach to Software Licensing we call Account Based Licensing. Behind the scenes it is built upon the same rock-solid cloud-based licensing we offer, but it allows you to deliver the same familiar "login and use" experience that end-users have become accustomed to through using modern SaaS and Mobile apps and services.

Account Based Licensing goes even further though, it can be used in conjunction with other forms of our Licensing to create use cases which other licensing platforms struggle to achieve or can't really do.

Choose to use Account Based Licensing with Subscription Licensing to deploy a modern SaaS-like subscription approach to your Software, whether it is Desktop/Server/IoT Based or a hybrid which is connected to a SaaS service you offer.

Use it together with Consumption Based Licensing in order to restrict usage of the application or its features then bill accordingly, pre or post usage, you can even intertwine this with additional Subscription logic.

Pair it up with Concurrent Licensing to sell to companies where you want to license your software to each company based on how many users at that company can use your software at the same time.

If you're licensing software to be used on VMs (or suspect that it will be), then use Account Based Licensing to tighten right down on licensing infringements from VM cloning, whether you want a simple restriction of the total of machines on a license, or a limit of how many instances can be run concurrently.

Account Based Licensing gives you modern licensing where the customer is the visible identifier not the license code.

Here at Nalpeiron we're adept at clarifying how you can use our super flexible platform for so many use cases, just reach out with any questions or queries, we'll get back to you fast.

9th December 2017

HTTPS Support for Client to Server Communication

The Client to Server communications which underly our Cloud-based Software Licensing have always been encrypted and sent over Port 80. This is because when Software is shipped to end-users around the world, typically Port 80 is going to be open as it is used for regular internet access, reducing licensing support issues.

You can now choose for the Client to Server communication to take place over Https (Port 443) instead should you wish.

All traffic is fully encrypted whether you use the default Http (Port 80) or Https (Port 443).

You must select whether you wish to use Https when creating and downloading a Licensing Library for integration with your application. The library you download will be configured whether to use Https or not.

A small number of companies with specialist requirements from their customers have https put to them as a requirement. The security of the licensing system does not require Https in order to be secure, but you now have this new option with the extra security that Https brings.

2nd December 2017

FreeBSD Software Licensing

We have added FreeBSD to the list of supported operating systems you can use our Software Licensing with.

12th July 2017

Floating Features and Element Pools

When you are licensing your application to groups of users you may find that you want to cleverly control accessibility to specific features or resources so that a total of only so many things can be performed by the group at any one time.

Let's start by imagining a group of 5 people, and at this point note that they are all users of the very same license code. These 5 people could always be the same people, or they could be a changing set of people within a bigger group where only 5 are allowed to be active at any one time, this is called Concurrent Licensing.

Floating Features

Now, let's look at Floating Features. For this purpose imagine the Software Application controls a Specialist Printing Machine, and of the 5 people, you only want 3 of them to be able to send jobs to the Machine at any one time. Well, this you would do by having control of the Printing Machine setup as a Floating Feature with a maximum value of 3. As you think about how you could apply this logic to your product a tip is to remember that "any one person" can only have a state where they are using one of the 3 available floating instances of the feature, or are not using one.

Element Pools

So, Element Pools. Where do they come in? We mention them in the same breath as Floating Features as they are similar in some respects but whereas Floating Features are useful when the number of Feature Instances is less than the amount of People who may want to use them, Element Pools allow a different kind of control.

Imagine 5 people again, and this time the application has access to a large number of resource units, for this example imagine you want to make available 1000 processors to the application that it can use to render the frames for a new computer animated movie. Those 1000 processors can be an Element Pool of 1000 elements. Each of the 5 people can use as many of the 1000 processors when they like, but the total processors used by all of the 5 people at any one time can't exceed 1000. So, if 850 are in use, and someone wants to use 300 themselves, they won't be able to.

As you think about Element Pools, imagine the flexibility you have in that through licensing alone you could change the scenario so that you raise or lower the total amount of processors available to the group, all you'd need to do is edit the license code and those new entitlements are in place.

Both our Floating Features and Element Pools use what we call "checking in" and "checking out" and everything you need to set them up and define their limits is easy done, even on a license by license basis if you wish, in the Nalpeiron Portal.

If you'd like help imagining or confirming a strategy to execute your licensing in a certain way using our Floating Features, Element Pools and/or Concurrent Licensing please don't hesitate to shout out to our team.

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