Account Based Licensing

Software Licensing Models

Username/Password Login replaces license codes for end-users.

Account Based Licensing is the modern way, using credential based login and play.

Gone are the days of end-users needing to keep a license code, now they simply login with their Username and Password and they are ready to use your software.

The user or customer is at the center of everything, with a username/email and password identifying the entitlements. It's familiar in the world of mobile and SaaS, but now you can do the same for Desktop, Server, SaaS-Desktop Hybrid Software and Services.

Nalpeiron Account Based Licensing works in conjunction with other forms of our licensing providing an alternative to license codes wherever one would normally be used.

Credential Based Login is now familar with the likes of Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365.

This modern approach to customer identification works for both regular consumers and business customers.

Please get in touch for a quick meeting where we can discuss your particular use-case and the approaches you could take.

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