Element Pools Licensing

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If you have business customers who are running multiple instances of your software, you may find you want to restrict access or ability to use a certain resource.

These resources are defined as Element Pools.

Each of the multiple instances of your software has potential access to the ‘elements in the element pool’ provided the number of elements required is available at the time. An instance of your software may ‘check-out’ available elements on demand and then ‘check-in’ or ‘return’ those elements to the pool when they aren’t required any more.

For example, if your software is run on 10 graphics workstations, and for final animation rendering the workstations have access to a total of 100 processing cores to render the frames, Element Pools lets each of the 10 workstations have access to the 100 cores in any amounts, but the ‘total cores used by all machines together at any one time’ cannot exceed 100.

When there’s a resource being used by your software, Element Pools Licensing gives you the finest level of control.

You may also wish to look at Floating Feature Licensing for a higher level approach.

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