Floating Feature Licensing

Software Licensing Models

Limiting how many users can use a feature at any moment.

When you have business customers who have multiple instances of your software, you can cap the number of instances of a feature that can be used at the same time.

This level of control is something that is easy to achieve when you switch to Cloud-Based Licensing.

For example, a group of 10 users are using copies of your software, but you can put in a restriction that only a maximum of 3 of them can use a certain feature at once.

This kind of licensing opportunity is highly desirable in a variety of use cases and many ISVs use Nalpeiron to deliver and control Floating Feature entitlements for their customers.

To informally discuss the ins and outs of the use case you have in mind grab a quick meeting with us to informally explore a bit deeper. We love to talk licensing, licensing is what we do.

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