Hardware Licensing

Software Licensing Models

Further monetize the hardware you sell, even reduce your variety of SKUs.

For companies who ship Hardware which has Software at its core, we support many platforms so that you can leverage all the benefits of Licensing.

From provisioning through to your hardware’s use in the hands of the customer, Nalpeiron Hardware Licensing provides control and monetization opportunities for hardware companies wanting to increase revenues and gain control of what users can and can't do.

Through secure licensing, you can reduce the number of different SKUs you manufacture, using licensing to control which flavour of your hardware is in effect in use by any customer that pays for it now that they are based on the same shared hardware platform.

Because you can propagate hardware upgrades purchased by your customers in nothing more than a reboot you can monetize further without shipping any extra hardware, and instantly.

Your customers can make their initial purchase safe in the knowledge they can upgrade at any point.

If your hardware talks to other hardware, or a cloud service you provide, you can control its access to those other resources. Additionally your hardware, or elements of its functionality, can be sold under modern licensing terms such as contract length, subscription or even by usage quotas.

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