Multi-Plaform Licensing

Software Licensing Models

Nalpeiron Licensing is multi-platform, you can use for licensing on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, ARM, Java, FreeBSD and more.

Ask for details if you have specific platform support requirements.

Cloud-Based Licensing that works across all major consumer, workstation, server, mobile and IoT platforms gives you an all encompassing solution which covers all branch offs of a widely specialist software or hardware provider.

Our wide range of client libraries and web apis along with our Dynamic Entitlements used by our ISV customers give great flexibility to meet complex use-cases across many specialist industries.

Online and Offline Environments as well as Offline Networks are all dealt with logically and elegantly.

For further information on platform specific questions or anything else, why not set up a quick no obligation meeting to informally discuss licensing and see how Nalpeiron might be your logical choice as it is for 100s of other top name Software Vendors.

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How to grow revenue with Software Licensing Models and Cloud-Based Licensing

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