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Shifting to Cloud-Based Licensing is about future proofing. That said, it is also about changing to a platform which will still support your older software titles, those that have more conventional licensing entitlements.

These titles often are your legacy versions, old versions which you drive customers to upgrade from but some customers will always stay put for as long as they can. Perpetual Software Licensing still has its part to play as your existing customer base adapts to other forms of licensing.

Nalpeiron’s Perpetual Licensing can still allow customer to upgrade to a higher offering without having to re-install as our Suite Based Licensing works in conjunction with Dynamic Entitlements to change what the user has, all on the fly, no end-user software installers to run at all.

Dynamic Entitlements forms a key part of Nalpeiron Cloud-Based Software Licensing, allowing end-user entitlements to be changed at any time. Read about Dynamic Entitlements. Please get in touch for a quick meeting where we can discuss your particular use-case and the approaches you could take.

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