Subscription Based Licensing

Software Licensing Models

As consumers we are more and more familiar with purchasing in a SaaS-like Subscription way.

Purchasing this way has become the reality for so many services we now use, hence a majority customers are happy to adopt it and it feels quite normal. Desktop software like Adobe with its Creative Cloud has spearheaded this shift in the way people buy, for consumers and business customers alike.

The lower initial cost of Subscription Based Licensing drives new adoption up. It’s now expected for desktop software to be offered as a typical 30-day trial followed by a monthly subscription.

Nalpeiron's Cloud-Based Licensing makes it easy for you to adopt Subscription Based Licensing for your regular Desktop, Server, IoT and Mobile type Software, as well as being great for use cases where you have a Desktop-SaaS Hybrid offering you need to control.

By using Subscription Based Licensing with our Account Based Licensing, the User becomes the central focus as against a License Code. Again familiar in the examples of Adobe and Microsoft with its Office 365.

Business customers shift their expenditure from expensive up front CAPEX to the more elastic and financially logical OPEX purchasing.

Want to know more specifics on how Nalpeiron can easily let you achieve a Subscription Based Licensing Model? Grab a meeting with us to informally discuss a best-fit use case for your business.

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