Suite Based Licensing

Software Licensing Models

No more shipping separate versions of the same software title.

If your software has a Suite of offerings such as Lite/Std/Pro versions of it, or distinct parts such as Word Processing/Spreadsheet/Presentation, you can ship the whole suite together in one binary and let Nalpeiron Licensing securely take care of which users get to use what.

This makes instant upgrades simple and easy to offer and fulfil. Use our Dynamic Entitlements to change which version the customer owns and when they close and re-launch their software they will be using the new version. Using our webservice calls together with your ecommerce solution you will have no need to contribute or intervene in this fully automatic process.

Suite Based Licensing also greatly reduces engineering complexities, lowering the amount of binaries you have to maintain, update, fix and manage. A single binary can cover all the versions of the suite with all its child applications shipped as one, Cloud-Based Licensing takes care of the rest, controlling who is entitled to use what.

Please get in touch for a quick meeting where we can discuss your particular use-case and the approaches you could take.

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