Trial Licensing

Software Licensing Models

Easily ship trial versions, the cloud-based way.

When you choose Nalpeiron Licensing you get great Trial Licensing right out of the box, so your customers can immersively dive in and experience your software as quickly and smoothly as possible.

How you want Trials to behave is up to you, from simple time limited trials, to trials which are feature restricted, to experiencing trials of new features which are finally supplied through further upgrades or purchases.

An extremely regular way of offering trials is the 30-day trial, this default way is simple, you choose whether you insist on the user registering his or her details first or not. With all our Trials, none require you to ship a separate binary, keeping engineering to a minimum.

Your end-users upon purchase do not have to re-install anything, they simply activate and instantly they are using the version they paid for.

This single binary approach we call Single Binary Shipping, it also allows you to offer further upgrades through Feature Based Licensing, allowing the end-user to pay and progress to your higher end versions - again, no software re-installs, just pay and activate.

Please get in touch for a quick meeting where we can discuss your particular use-case and the approaches you could take.

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