100s of ISVs with Millions of end-users use Zentitle's enterprise-class cloud-based licensing and analytics to monetize and measure their software 24x7.

We constantly receive positive reviews and feedback from customers who have made the move to our modern Hosted Software Licensing and Analytics solutions. We have customers both large and small, hosted and using on-premise solutions, across the World and in almost every Industry.

"At Zebra Technologies, we offer an array of innovative technology solutions to help customers increase productivity and reduce operational costs. Nalpeiron's industry leading licensing management solutions help us get our products to market quickly and efficiently and meet our customers' needs.

Since we deployed the Nalpeiron solution, we have experienced notable software revenue growth by being able to quickly and easily protect and license our applications right out of the box"

Mark Zucherman, 
Sr Product Manager, Zebra Technologies Corporation

"We were very pleased with the ease of deployment/implementation. Every year around renewal time, we go through the buy vs. build question again, but we always decide to continue with Nalpeiron.

If an issue arises, I can count on Nalpeiron to pay attention and be easy to get hold of. The company has been very pro-active on changes and communicated well. I don’t have to spend any of my time worrying about the issue."

Kevin Bier, 
VP Product Development, OnOne Software

"Nalpeiron was very responsive in hand-holding and helping us climb the learning curve. It meant a lot to me as an executive running a business that I could get the attention of key people when I needed them. There is just no way we could have gotten to market as quickly with an in-house solution.

…The end user should never know about your licensing solution, it needs to be in the background: invisible, just doing its job."

Mark McNulty,
Global Director and General Manager, Datacolor

"We had several selection criteria in choosing Nalpeiron: The first was about flexibility. Secondly, the quality of service is excellent. Another factor was price, because price matters! Nalpeiron’s basic entry version is a fraction of the cost of competitors, and for the same functionalities.

Nalpeiron has excellent customer support. With Nalpeiron we get instant feedback and see alerts on a number of installation scenarios."

Roland Trimmel, 
Co-Founder and General Manager, Re-Compose

"The fact that Nalpeiron offers a solution that is up to date, has more extensive features, flexible and gives us control over the user experience was what made us decide on them over the competition. After two years in operation, it is plain to us that outsourcing to Nalpeiron has proven to be a prudent decision.

The platform is very good, and we've been impressed with the level of service that we've received."

Sam Chandler, 

"The benefits of the Nalpeiron Licensing Service include peace of mind regarding security, increased income through new licensing options, and great technical support, and for our end-users, they include more options regarding licenses and pricing.

Nalpeiron customer support is quick, helpful and knowledgeable.  But things have been working so well that we haven’t had to talk to Nalpeiron Support in almost a year."

Eric Eitel 
CEO, Mediashout

"Prior to adding the Nalpeiron protection to our MetaStock retail product line, growth within international markets was extremely challenging due to historically high software piracy rates.

Since adding the Nalpeiron protection we have experienced a 15% growth in international markets, 8-10% of which we attribute to having the Nalpeiron protection in place.

Nalpeiron’s Nalpeiron offers one of the better client-side software protection models we’ve seen in the market today."

Cheryl Abram, 
Product Manager, Thomson Reuters

"We looked at a number of software licensing options. The Nalpeiron solution is technically advanced, very secure, flexible and reasonably priced. It quickly became clear to SDL that Nalpeiron was one of the few software licensing providers that was not solely focused on one-man-band developers - Nalpeiron was responsive, professional and fully understood business and enterprise software requirements. We got a good vibe from the people and felt confident that they would understand us and work well with us as a business. It's also great that Nalpeiron has a UK base, so we were able to meet our contacts in person - something that is becoming a bit of a rarity in this industry.

We have been doing some destructive testing with the new software licensing system and so far things are going very well. There have been very few problems, which is great, and when problems do arise - which they always do eventually - Nalpeiron quickly comes through with a solution. This gives SDL confidence for the future.

And we are starting to see some cost savings already. Our developers have the Nalpeiron API and are working on the integration of the software licensing system with our own software. What would have taken three weeks for our previous licensing provider to achieve is taking Nalpeiron one day. This obviously represents huge cost savings for SDL and we expect to see further savings when we deploy the licensing solution in 2010 Q3."

John Safa,
Development Director, SDL

"Crypkey, the licensing solution in our SECSIMPro product was unstable, and constantly required the re-activation of license codes.  In many cases, the reason for loss of license was unknown, and these issues were burdening our tech support resources. This became unacceptable, especially when it occurred with one of our most important customers, Intel. The downtime to reactivate these licenses affected productivity for our customers.  So, we decided to replace our licensing solution in SECSIMPro with more stable product.

Nalpeiron’s solution was clearly the best on the market. Stable, secure, easy to use, easy to integrate into our product, and reasonably priced made it the perfect choice.  A beta version of SECSIMPro with Nalpeiron as the licensing solution was tested at Intel and they were completely satisfied with it. We are now going live with this new SECSIMPro and are confident our stability problems with the product are now behind us, thanks to Nalpeiron.   We are so satisfied, that we are now looking at Nalpeiron as our sole licensing solution for future products too."

Eric Anderholm,
Software Engineer, Asyst Technologies Inc

"I really have the liked all of the functionality of Nalpeiron. Our software is subscription-based, so the ability to have an expiration date set on the codes is really great. I utilize setting a new expiration date for customers all the time, as they renew. I love the service and have been very happy with it!"

Brad Fryman
BetaVest Technologies Inc.

"Before Nalpeiron we had no ability to control multiple machine usage by the same client, we are now extracting more revenue from customers who need multiple licenses.

The annual revenue we now derive just from these additional licenses covers our NLS expenses many times over on an ongoing basis. Before Nalpeiron we had no ability to control multiple machine usage by the same client, we are now extracting more revenue from customers who need multiple licenses."

Dr William Linn
CEO, Linnsoft, US

"It’s a great tool. It’s easy to see that a huge amount of development has gone into it and it gives you everything you could possible need to manage your licensing. So far we feel we are barely scratching the surface of all that the system can do, but everything we have used has been really good."

Noel Manos
Operations Manager, Avistar, US

"One of the biggest concerns of our software developer customers is the protection of intellectual property rights. Working with Nalpeiron allows Altiris to address this concern by providing a software development solution that is focused on eliminating software theft while helping to lower support costs through efficient licence management."

Matt French
Altiris/Symantec, Director of product marketing, US

"We were initially attracted to NLS because it offers a hosted solution for protecting Macintosh and Windows applications and we didn’t want to have to maintain our own activation servers. We found that integrating NLS was straightforward and easy.

Our goal was to be able to easily create unlockable demos for our Photoshop plug-ins to save us the trouble of building and testing separate demo and retail versions. Before we implemented the unlockable demo, customers frequently asked us why they couldn’t just plug the license code in their demo and get the retail version. Now we get comments from customers expressing appreciation that we’ve made the purchase process even easier for them."

Finley Lee, CTO
Alien Skin Software, U.S.

"We chose Nalpeiron due to the problems we’d had using our previous licensing system. We had an unacceptably high rate of activation requests where manual processing through our support team was necessary. We trialled the Nalpeiron Licensing Service and it seemed like a perfect fit for our licensing needs and also our future marketing strategies.

Since putting NLS in place we’ve reduced our activation failure rate by 88% and now have simple tools to let anybody stuck behind firewalls activate themselves, securely. This has lifted a massive burden from our support team and gives our developers more time to focus on our core products. Our experiences with Nalpeiron so far have been excellent as their teams are very responsive and helpful."

Kathrin Fischer,
Operations Manager, Heligon, UK

"Nalpeiron is a solid and effective solution. It is very easy to protect any software application.  We use Nalpeiron to avoid unauthorized uses of a field service application that we distribute throughout Europe. This is really a very flexible and affordable licensing system."

Giovanni Dal Bello
Electrolux Major Appliances Europe, CTI - Software Development, Italy

"FFEI was looking for a competent solution to provide secure internet based software licensing, at a reasonable cost for a low cost consumer product. With Nalpeiron we discovered that they had a larger possible feature set than the competition and were so easy to implement. We managed using their protection system to secure our solution within just a few days. When we did not understand anything we received excellent support, both from the commercial and the technical sides of the business.

We see their Licensing system where you can purchase licenses and use them to unlock your products as an easy and secure way for us to support both our dealer and online sales. We would recommend this solution to any other software vendors looking for a secure licensing solution."

Amy Jennings,
Head of Development, FFEI Ltd, UK

"I chose Nalpeiron to protect my new software product, ShareMaestro, for which the IP constitutes most of the product's value. Nalpeiron is the only system which gives a credible guarantee of software protection and which works on different platforms. The range of functionality provided with Nalpeiron, such as temporary licensing for evaluation and proof of removal, is extremely valuable when dealing with the practicalities of client implementation.

I have also found the support from Nalpeiron to be very strong. You do not get shunted to a third world help-desk. ShareMaestro is now successfully launched and is regarded as the leading UK share valuation system."

Glen Martin,
ShareMaestro UK

"Our first attempt at integrating security in our application from another company took over three days and five phone calls to tech support and it never fully worked. With Nalpeiron, we were able to fully integrate the licensing software into our application in about five hours with no tech support phone calls and it works very well. Nalpeiron will always be our first choice when implementing software based security."

Jason Outlaw
Panelware LLC, US

"Prior to adding the Nalpeiron protection to our MetaStock retail product line, growth within international markets was extremely challenging due to historically high software piracy rates. Since adding the Nalpeiron protection we have experienced a 15% growth in international markets, 8-10% of which we attribute to having the Nalpeiron protection in place. Nalpeiron’s Nalpeiron offers one of the better client-side software protection models we’ve seen in the market today."

Cheryl Abram, MetaStock Retail Product Manager
Equis International, a Reuters Company, US

"We’ve used copy protection in our products right from the start and have worked with a couple of vendors over the years. We found that we were experiencing a lot of additional support when it came to customers wishing to move their licenses, hardware ID’s changing prompting a re-registration and maintenance of our own registration system. Thinking that “there must be a better way” we searched the web for offerings and all of them were just another variation of the other… until we found Nalpeiron.

Now we’re looking forward to giving control of the customers license back to them, being secure in the knowledge that our licensing is robust enough to survive a standard reformat of a troublesome pc and not having to spend resources maintaining our registration system when it’s not our core business. All thanks to Nalpeiron."

Steve Goodlass,
Lead Developer, Siliconcoach

"The fact that we have had no reason to contact Nalpeiron since implementing their copy protection in December 2007 speaks volumes about the efficiency of the solution and ease of implementation."

Archie Macaulay,

"Greenbrier Graphics resisted implementing copy protection for more than twenty years.  We always felt copy protection was an imposition on our loyal customers, and a logistical problem for us.  When we finally realized the extent our software was being pirated, we decided to copy protect our next update.  After downloading trial versions of copy protection from three different publishers, it became obvious Nalpeiron served our needs best.

Their copy protection software and code was easy to implement, was robust with features that made it user friendly for our customers, and was very secure.  Our new, copy protected update is bringing profits far beyond our expectations.  Now we see evidence everyday that Greenbrier Graphics suffered tremendous losses through widespread piracy. There is a satisfaction in knowing those who have taken advantage of this small company can never do so again.  They want our update, and they are paying for it. There is no doubt that our choice to use the copy protection provided by Nalpeiron was the single most important sales decision we have ever made."

Paul McLung, Owner 
Greenbrier Graphics, US

"We were looking for a better solution than passing out the USB dongle keys to protect our software. Since most of our business is in the South and Central American market, a solution that didn't involve shipping anything to our clients was preferred. If a USB key was lost or broken, then it becomes fairly expensive to overnight a package to that market.

In addition, compared to other solutions we looked at, I was able to make the modifications necessary to protect the main program and three optional features in less than one day. Modifying my Installshield installation to include all of the components the user needs was also a breeze. Within two days I had made all of the changes needed to install everything."

Robert Harrrison, Director of Technology
Access Technologies International, Inc., US

"We are pleased to be working with Nalpeiron because the technology provides software publishers with effective copy protection and at the same will help keep their end users happy as it helps ensure licensing compliance. Licensing compliance is an important issue for our customers and is a hot topic for major corporations as they work on the implementation of new internal license audit processes that follow guidelines and standards, such as SARBOX. Given Nalpeiron’s VSIP status and close integration with Visual Studio 2008 – customers and publishers alike will benefit from using this innovative SAAS hosted solution."

Harry Kelly, Managing Director
Component Source, US

"Being an OEM software distributor, our company has been beleaguered by piracy and illegal downloads.  As we are short of engineering resources and need to focus on our core competence, we started looking for a copyright protection solution outside of the company.  After 45 days of exhaustive research, we decided on Nalpeiron's Protector SDK.  Nalpeiron's product actually wasn't the most affordable option on our list (although still very reasonable) nor does the company reside in our preferred location of U.S. for easy communication (same time zone). But what impressed us the most were their service and their ability to make their customers feel important.

While price is always crucial, we prefer a company that will be there for us after sale is completed.  Within few days of communication, they contacted us by phone to make sure all of our questions were answered, and they provided superb follow up and recaps of each discussion. Throughout the evaluation period, they were accessible both by phone and by email, not to mention they even scheduled a conference call w/ our chief product engineer during the time we specified although it was after their business hours. And to our pleasant surprise, the same level of responsiveness continued even after the sale.  Each question we asked was always responded to in a very professional and timely manner.

If you need a company that you can count on, Nalpeiron is it!"

Victoria Shiao,
Sales Director, iNav Corporation, US

"Having tested multiple .NET license solutions Nalpeiron is the clear leader. Once the decision was made to use Nalpeiron it was quickly apparent that we made the right choice. Within 1 hour we had incorporated Nalpeiron into our C# project. The support has been fantastic and they have gone the extra mile every time. The second best thing is that they listen to the customer and respond. I.e. I sent an email stating a way to make the web interface easier to navigate. Within 24 they agreed and made changes to the web site. Great support, quick implantation, and easy to use documentation with Nalpeiron we got more than we paid for. Thanks Guys for making my licensing decision the right choice."

Update January 2008 - "After having Nalpeiron in place for 6 months now the product has paid for itself a few times over. Once the new licensing schema was release our client licenses jumped 18% from just our existing customer base. The support call volume from licensing problems has all but vanished. This alone saves the support team on average 3.5 hours per week.

The benefits to our customers have also become very apparent. With our old licensing software the customer was given 1 license code per license purchased. If they had 10 licenses they would receive 10 different codes. Now they get 1 code and can use it as many times they want until they reach their purchased license limit. We have calls from our customers that say they love not having to call support for licensing problems or having to keep track of what license belongs to what computer.As the dept head it is nice to let my people focus on what their jobs are and not having something as simple licensing waste time. Again I would like to thank Nalpeiron for making my licensing headaches go away."

Bruce St.Clair
Computers Unlimited, US

"At DTG Training Systems we have an analysis and training application for real estate investors. Our customer base has a tendency to network extensively and “share” with each other. So it was important for us to be able to control the distribution of our product. We researched the options out there and chose Nalpeiron for several reasons. It has a relatively low start up cost, and relatively low cost per license. We made the decision to decrease the price of our product so the cost per unit for protection was a concern for us.

The product is simple for the end user and simple on the implementation side. It was easy to integrate into our product and we were able to trial the product to make sure it would work for us. There was support and communication throughout the process. Nalpeiron followed-up after the purchase to make sure the product was working to our expectations.

With Nalpeiron it is easy to modify the parameters of the licensing. In addition, the license usage can be tracked and modified through an online interface, which is very convenient. We would recommend Nalpeiron to other software companies looking for a flexible and secure licensing system."

Mark Wabol
DTG Training Systems, LLC

"Camwood were looking for a technology which enabled a secure lock down of the business tier of a new n-tier client server Windows application. In addition to install/uninstall security we were looking for a solution which enforced a 'click charge' licensing model. Nalpeiron proved to be both flexible and robust and allowed the release of a secure demo version of the product. The Nalpeiron team have also proved very responsive and supportive through trial and implementation."

Sheldon Lachambre,
Development Manager, Camwood, UK

"We use Nalpeiron to protect our high end server software and came to conclude that Nalpeiron Protector Software is secure, easy to use, provides rich functionalities, and priced reasonably. So far, we haven’t had any evidence of our software being deployed illegally, so we are happy with the protection that Nalpeiron provides."

Rachmat Hartono
VP of Engineering, BCL Technologies, Inc, US

"We recently released Xllerate™, a Microsoft® Excel based Add-in, which allows anyone to automate their Excel tasks.  We wanted to add copy protection to our software and also allow a 30 day trial evaluation period.  We started with your competitor, InstallShield. However, we learned they no longer supported the trial version capability.  InstallShield recommended that we try your product.  We were happy to discover your product was exactly what we needed at a very affordable price.  From purchase to product integration, Nalpeiron provided excellent support and consulting services."

Maria S. Grieser
President, Xllerate Consulting, LLC, US

"With more than ten years of experience in implementing copy protection with our software, we have finally found a comprehensive, simple, and effective tool. We have used various software protection in the past, and recently used a combination of software and hardware protection. This method was effective, but it was also costly, and support intensive. Hardware keys have an inherent problem with drivers, trouble with different operating systems, and can be damaged by users. 

The Nalpeiron system eliminates our former protection products by giving us all of the flexibility and power we could ask for. Our product is developed with MS Visual Basic 6, and we found it quite simple to incorporate the Nalpeiron software with our application. There is ample documentation and readily available technical support to help incorporate this tool with your own software. We were easily able to create our own license interface to facilitate customer renewals of our software, and the included license manager interface is called to allow customers to extend trial time, activate, move, or deactivate a license. The hosted Internet license feature is ideal for customers of all sizes who want to easily move a license from one computer to another. These licenses are tracked by the server and prevent any unauthorized use. The web control panels make it easy to keep track of who is using their license, and also allows full control of the number of licenses available. 

With customers of varying sizes, we can control how many seats are permitted to load a given license number. With yearly renewals, this simplifies the renewal process tremendously, for you and the customer. We would normally have to give out 25 different codes for a larger customer, and each code would have to be entered the day it was provided. With Nalpeiron, one code can be given to the whole company, and its users can enter the one code at their leisure. This makes life so much easier for our sales department, and the customer. 

Nalpeiron's response to sales and tech support questions was far better than most companies in existence today. Now that they have opened an office in San Francisco, I'm sure it will be even better. If you want an effective, and flexible tool that will protect your software from piracy, and a company that will respond to your questions and requests, then Nalpeiron is it, period!"

P. Scott Millard 
Infinite Solutions, LLC, USA

"We have recently released 2 new versions of boujou bullet, the automated motion tracking system used widely in film and TV production and other areas such as architecture and engineering.

We were looking at alternative methods of licensing for bullet SD with several motivating factors including, obviously, security and cost of implementation however our primary goal in this case was maintaining ease of customer use and of our own license management. The success of 2d3 products is based, in no small part, on their core philosophy of automation and ease of use and we aim always to maintain this in all areas of product use, including licensing. This was particularly true in the case of bullet SD since it is designed specifically to be a one click solution.

We have had some experience of the Nalpeiron licensing systems with previous 2d3 products and with the fairly recent instruction of the web based management system it appealed even more, allowing us to allocate license codes to customers quickly and easily and to keep track of those licenses in a straight forward way.

Some of our other products use a hardware lock  licensing system for and shipping times can occasionally become an issue with dongle based methods. With the Nalpeiron code we can have a customer up and running as quickly as it takes to send an email.

In developing bullet SD We had a fairly clear idea of the kind of numbers we wanted initially to ship and were able to tailor our Nalpeiron purchase package to include the number of licenses we required, across Windows and Mac, from the outset and therefore cost appropriately and maximize return. Our friends at Nalpeiron were, as always, helpful and flexible when it came to arranging an appropriate package for our needs with bullet SD, allowing us to get something which pretty closely suited our needs for a product in a relatively niche market."

Philip Elderfield, 
Product Manager, 2d3 Ltd, UK

"Being a small software company, we considered writing our own piracy protection and hosting our own code database but quickly realized that the service and support that Nalpeiron offers would easily be more efficient, less expensive, and most importantly, more reliable than anything we could come up with on our own. The ease of integration, flexibility, and ironclad security of the Nalpeiron Licensing Service, compared with using cheap wrappers, became evident just days after testing it.

We've now been with Nalpeiron for over 4 years and have no plans on switching - their products just do what they're suppose to - for much less trouble and cost than doing it yourself. At SoftCafe we take pride in delivering bug-free code and an easy-to-use, end-user experience, and we wouldn't trust the keys to that software to anyone other than Nalpeiron."

Scott Tyburski
SoftCafe, LLC Co-founder, US

"The engineers are absolutely raving about this product, its ease of use and the many features. We are all very excited to have our software protected and licensed with Nalpeiron. I will keep you posted with any new developments. So far the engineers haven’t even had to contact Tech Support, which is a testament to the software’s ease of use and deployment."

Elizabeth Wiemer

"Good Product, easy to use, professional results. Bulletproof licensing. Staff extremely helpful, after sales service great. We highly recommend this product"

Kerrin Banner, 
CEO, Secureware Solutions, UK

"A little feedback for you all, I have spent quite some time with the internet activation site recently, and I may I say that it is fantastic! Very easy to use, intuitive and provides absolutely everything that we were looking for and more. Praise where praise is due! I feel I must thank you, Richard and Nalpeiron for the help and support I have received. Absolutely first rate, I couldn’t have asked for more."

Carl Woodward 
CTO, Sanctuary Software, UK

"Out of all protection software solutions Nalpeiron came out to be the most complete and the most flexible on the market. Their online activation system combined with the Altiris installer has integrated very well with our developed application under Flash. We were looking for a turn key solution, easy to use and with excellent support. This is what we found with Nalpeiron!

Parmi toutes les solutions de protection de logiciels, Nalpeiron s'est avéré être la solution la plus complète et flexible sur le marché. Leur système d'activation en ligne combiné à l'installateur de la compagnie Altiris a très bien su s'intégrer à notre application développée sous Flash. Nous recherchions une solution clé en main, facile d'utilisation et accompagnée d'un excellent support. C'est ce que nous avons trouvé chez Nalpeiron. Félicitations à toute l'équipe."

Jérémie Fraser, Chargé de projet 
Kryzalid Communication, Canada

"Nalpeiron support PI Energy and Emissions, who use Nalpeiron software to protect their Energy and Emissions products, used widely by many of their oil and gas sector clients. These include most of the major operators in the North Sea and worldwide.

PI found Nalpeiron reduces unauthorized usage, will allow easier protection in future, now we’re familiar with the methodology. Price was good considering the functionality provided and speed / efficiency of support. Product range was of less interest as our application is quite specific and the selected product met our requirements after assistance from yourselves."

Angus Cameron
PI Energy and Emissions, UK

"The team at Visuallex Sport have been impressed with the Nalpeiron products that we have implemented for our secure licensing rollout of our new VX SPORT software. Nalpeiron has provided a very affordable and easy to implement solution that has given us peace of mind, and the knowledge that our valuable IP is secure. The speed of response of the Nalpeiron technical team has also been great. Overall we are very happy with Nalpeiron and their team."

Richard Snow, Managing Director,
Visuallex Sport International Ltd

"A quick note to say that we are delighted with the Nalpeiron Licensing Service. We can now easily manage our product activations. Since implementing the service we have not had any issues at all. Please pass on our thanks."

Amanda Jackson, Director
Property Manager Software

"Our company offers advanced portfolio analysis and asset allocation software. Before deciding how to protect our product, SmartFolio, we had conducted small research of available solutions in the market.

As SmartFolio is digitally distributed, we were most interested in those products which offered simple internet activation procedure. Other positions included price (as our project has started mostly as a hobby, we couldn't afford to spend significantly more than a couple of thousand dollars to protect it) as well as protection quality, flexibility, non-irritating user experience and ease of programmatic implementation. As our product lies in the middle price range (USD 500-5000), we immediately threw away all wrapper-based solutions as not sufficiently secure.

Finally we were left with two alternatives: Protection PLUS and Nalpeiron Pro. The key factor in our decision to buy Nalpeiron was that the latter appears to be much more intuitive, simple to use from the customer viewpoint, stable, and flexible. Buying license for just one product, we were able to offer to our clients two different SmartFolio licenses along with a trial version. What is more, now we can easily customize a license according to specific customer needs.

May be the most sound argument for Nalpeiron is that we haven't received from our users not only complaints but even questions regarding the licensing procedure. Undoubtedly, Nalpeiron is amazingly well thought-out product both for developers and, which is far more important, their clients."

Boris Gnedenko, Managing Director
Modern Investment Technologies Ltd, Russia

"We not only sought out the most secure protection system available, but also one that was easy to integrate, was affordable and crucially, one where an immediate personal response was guaranteed for all our technical queries.

Nalpeiron have delivered fully on all these fronts. Their service and support is exceptional."

Jim Barry, CEO
HighAndes Ltd

"We were looking for turnkey solution that was flexible and operated as a hosted service. Nalpeiron was the clear choice and we've been very happy with it from day one. It supports all our platforms and every usage scenario that we anticipated, along with some we hadn't."

Bruce Sharpe,
Singlular Software

"When looking for a licensing solution for CREDTREE it became apparent quite quickly that Nalpeiron was the only real choice for our company. We carefully compared pricing and service from several other companies and on every occasion and in every way, Nalpeiron always came out on top. Their product is easy to use, secure, cost effective and their customer service is second to none. I even received an email from the company’s CEO making sure that we were 100% satisfied. What more could one ask for? When it comes to protecting your company’s most precious investments, we offer Nalpeiron our highest possible recommendation."

Anthony F. Materia, Partner / Director
Credco Capital Solutions, Inc.

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We were very pleased with the ease of deployment/implementation. Every year around renewal time, we go through the buy vs. build question again, but we always decide to continue with Nalpeiron.
......I don’t have to spend any of my time worrying about the licensing or licenses.

OnOne Software   VP Product Development   Kevin Bier

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Nalpeiron's industry leading licensing management solutions help us get our products to market quickly and efficiently and meet our customers' needs ...since we deployed our products using the Nalpeiron solution, we have experienced notable software revenue growth by being able to quickly and easily protect and license our applications

Mark Zucherman   Snr Product Mngr   Zebra Technologies

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The fact that Nalpeiron offers a solution that is up to date, has more extensive features, is flexible, and gives us control over the user experience was what made us decide on them over the competition. After two years in operation, it is plain to us that outsourcing to Nalpeiron has proven to be a prudent decision...

NitroPDF   CEO   Sam Chandler

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