NSL Benefits

Benefits of Nalpeiron Software Licensing

Sell how customers want to buy and increase opportunity throughout the sales cycle from trial, to purchase, to post activation overuse. Then, measure activity to optimize the results.


Increase your Revenues

  • Convert more trials - Use unique automated licensing and marketing tools to increase the trial conversion rate driving new customer revenue.
  • Increase existing customer sales - Automated systems capture license abuse and possible extra license requirements from customers and convert that to sales.
  • Increase new customer sales - Sell software any way your customers want to buy it. Use feature, subscription, leasing and usage-based models to maximize revenues.
  • Increase competitive advantage - Use the extensive business intelligence tools to get an edge over the competition, analyze metrics and performance.

Reduce your Costs  

  • Reduce engineering costs - save engineering time by outsourcing your license management while retaining full control.
  • Reduce finance costs - No need for expensive dongle inventory, big % license and annual maintenance fees, simply pay-as-you-go for your license consumption.
  • Reduce support costs - Proven to virtually eliminate your support calls and the resources needed for them.
  • Reduce piracy - Use a robust and modern license system to prevent losses to casual software piracy.
  • Reduce operational costs - Reduce time consuming customer service licensing tasks with fast and easy-to-use dedicated operator consoles and interfaces.
  • Reduce capital costs - No need for license servers, bandwidth, support and associated engineering, maintenance, backup or redundancy infrastructures.

Benefits for Software Producers

Nalpeiron has changed the Software Licensing paradigm. You can now outsource your non-core licensing activity gaining massive leverage by doing so.

Switching to Nalpeiron you will save money, be able to offer any form of business model you wish and be much more responsive to your customers needs in today's fast changing landscape.


The Nalpeiron Licensing & Analytics Service™ has been built so you can deploy it fast, with everything you need "out of the box", so you can transition as painlessly as possible and start reaping the benefits right away. As it's a hosted license management service, you don't have to worry about the time, cost and hassle of server deployment nor the complexity of connecting the client/server architecture.

Benefits for intelligent device manufacturers

Using the power and simplicity of the Nalpeiron License Management Software you can make a hardware device behave like software, easily increasing functionality, flexibility and utility and therefore increasing the associated value to the end customer.

Nalpeiron's cloud-based licensing infrastructure will enable hardware device manufacturers to easily and quickly "unlock" the power of the embedded or associated Software.


By leveraging the Software component of your offering you can offer a wider and more competitive set of options to your customers, along with being able to easily do this using modern web-based controls through a partner like Nalpeiron.


Instead of fixed pricing models and inflexible go-to market strategies of the past, you can use the power of the Nalpeiron Licensing Service to offer what your users want when they want it - all through a simple, fast to implement and cost effective Hosted Licensing & Analytics service.


By controlling and managing the software component of your products you can also reduce and streamline your manufacturing costs and processes.


As you will know, moving "value" from hardware to software is not without it's risks, so you also have to plan to "protect" your IP and investment in the software along with being able to quickly leverage the power it brings to your product offering.

The Nalpeiron Licensing & Analytics Service will enable you to:

  • Use the power and flexibility of software licensing management to control your product offering in the market
  • Open up new business models and ways to monetize your products, such as metered, prepaid, subscription and usage-based - all electronically
  • To help protect your software IP and prevent grey market abuse and piracy
  • Easily "activate" your hardware devices and control their functionality from one central cloud-based service
  • Enable users to easily pay and "unlock" features and functions with a single click, without shipping any new hardware or software
  • Control and manage device lifecycle processes for customers and channel partners
  • Use web-based dashboards to gain insight into your business, channel and customer usage as well as easily printing detailed business information reports and charts
  • Automate all these processes from your central systems, allowing your sales and support teams to reduce waste and increase revenues


Nalpeiron has helped a broad range of intelligent device manufacturers (these often include printers, scanners, computer peripherals and medical devices, industrial automation and CIM, and telecommunications, electronic and test measurement device manufacturers) and their related ecosystems, including names like Fujitsu, Spacelabs Healthcare, Inofile, Zebra and many more.