NSL Unlimited Edition

The Nalpeiron Software Licensing & Analytics Unlimited edition is designed with the comprehensive set of features Customers need to manage and control their Software Analytics and Licensing

NSL Enterprise Unlimited is available as a hosted or on-premise solution and is an unlimited version that includes an "all you can eat" type payment agreement.


Unlimited Hosted Service Plans

One “all you can eat” annual price – simple.


No hidden or additional costs. The fee includes all updates, maintenance and support costs for a single price.

We were very pleased with the ease of deployment/implementation. Every year around renewal time, we go through the buy vs. build question again, but we always decide to continue with Nalpeiron.


If an issue arises, I can count on Nalpeiron to pay attention and be easy to get hold of. The company has been very pro-active on changes and communicated well. I don’t have to spend any of my time worrying about the issue.


Kevin Bier,
VP Product Development, OnOne Software

These plans are designed to offer our entire suite of products without any limits, for one price, rather than a price based on the number of licenses consumed or the number of product subscriptions. The enterprise “unlimited” options offer total access to all of the Nalpeiron capabilities for as many products and users as required.


Included within this plan are access to our older V5-7 licensing service, the new V10 licensing and analytics service and also the full NSA analytics products line. Customers under this plan can keep older versions in V7, as well as launch new products under V10 without any problem, although there are two logins required for the differing services. You may also "end of life" your products in V7 while you replace them with V10 versions.


The basis for these plans is a % software revenues or a negotiated fixed price and can be discussed with our major account sales team. This plan often works out far easier to manage for clients that the older price list plan with restrictions on the volumes of activations processed and the number of products in the service.


Self hosted Servers

The self-hosted options are per server installation; more than one server requires further discounted licenses. The on-premise “unlimited” edition includes both client (Win/Mac/Linux) and server side Windows components. For the front-end, Nalpeiron will provide SDKs to allow you to embed the licensing modules into your applications. For the back-end, Nalpeiron will provide Windows-based activation server software to be installed in your infrastructure.


Self hosted plans also require maintenance plans and a "install" package to assist you with deployment and support in your own infrastructure.



We're here to help. Contact our Sales Team for a personal 1:1 demonstration and learn if Nalpeiron is right for your company. Larger customers can choose from unlimited plans for high volume user interactions as well as self-hosted or individual servers to ensure privacy and security of corporate data.