Zentitle Software Licensing Platform

The #1 choice - Freeing you from the pain of homegrown licensing, Flexera or Gemalto


What can you use it for?

Zentitle is a purpose built solution for vendors like you, the leading cloud-based Software Licensing platform. License to and control your user base across SaaS, On-Premise Desktop Software, Server, and software driven Hardware/IoT.

Zentitle empowers you to fully monetize the software you have created, driving revenues, cross-sells and upsells whilst reducing churn.

Use Cases

Flexible, powerful licensing

We don't only deal in desktop and SaaS software where users click keyboards.

Zentitle provides delivery and control of resources used in server farms, clusters, LANs and cloud environments.

Zentitle is also purpose suited to deal with licensing in VMs and is used by hardware companies too.

Technical perspective

Code and platforms

All end-user platforms are catered for: Windows, Mac, Linux, SaaS, ARM, Android.

Whatever your code is: C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, Python etc.

Whatever your IDEs and Development Stack, you can use Zentitle.

Reduced support

Happier customers

Zentitle is built around the concept of Dynamic Entitlements, meaning at any time you need to update what a customer can use, the whole process can be done with no intervention required by the customer themselves.

Reduce support tickets by up to 60%, lower your support overheads and with happier customers.

APIs and integration with your systems

Our APIs, both REST and SOAP based, enable you to wire up all your 3rd party platforms as well as in-house systems. From Ecommerce to ERP, and CRM such as Salesforce - wherever your company needs the control and insight to be.

Once you have integrated Zentitle with your offerings, you will have empowered your Product Management Team to work in conjunction with Sales, Marketing and Finance to sell your product lines using a full array of licensing models.

integrations and apis
Auth0 with Software LicensingSalesforce with Software LicensingStripe with Software LicensingFastspring with Software LicensingNetsuite with Software LicensingRecurly with Software LicensingZuora with Software LicensingChargebee with Software Licensing

Offline and Online

Zentitle is a cloud-based software licensing platform, but it also caters for offline scenarios too.

Offline licensing can be used if a business customer unexpectedly hits a connection problem they did not foresee because they didn’t understand the restrictions of their own firewalls, or if a consumer simply does not have internet access.

No internet. No problem.

  • Network Licensing for air-gapped environments or dark sites with no internet access such as government sites or secure factory locations
  • Network Relay Licensing
  • Offline activation for customers with no internet access
  • The license models you need to monetize effectively are available

What do you get when you choose Zentitle?

  • Control, secure and manage your software assets (both online and offline)
  • Save engineering time by outsourcing your license management
  • Total control of your installed apps from a central server using Nalpeiron API
  • Measure and report license activation and usage
  • VM Management and control
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux and related IDEs on Pay-as-you-go
  • Easy to retrofit to your Software then setup and use
  • No additional requirements, just our SDK, the rest works out of the box
  • FREE world-class, responsive support
  • FREE maintenance
  • FREE updates
what you get with software licensing and entitlement management

From a product manager's perspective

1000’s software companies have used Zentitle to monetize their software products much faster, many going from startup to IPO on our platform.

Save engineering time. Reduce infrastructure costs. Get your software to market quickly.

Break dependency upon engineering
Go-to-market faster

Remove long standing dependencies upon Engineering so that you can focus on monetization and revenue generation.

Once Zentitle is integrated you can deliver your software and suites to your customers in new ways. Your plan-to-market fit becomes agile and dynamic.

Change and adapt your offerings without having to go back to Engineering.

Drive revenues from your products
Monetize more effectively

Your monetization strategies are driven by Zentitle’s ability to deliver a full range of licensing models. These licensing models cover everything needed for B2C and B2B sales.

Zentitle's full suite of licensing models can be blended as required to meet an incredible range of use cases from regular, to custom, to niche.

Managing entitlements is easier
Control and agility

Dynamic Entitlements mean that what a customer can and can't use can be changed at any time.

When customers make further purchases of licenses or upgrades, their experience of your software becomes appropriately and automatically updated. No fuss. No phone calls needed. No support tickets generated.

Free yourself from constraints of lesser solutions, legacy solutions, or homegrown licensing.

Centralize your entitlements
Monetize all your products

Monetization of your entire product portfolio is possible with Zentitle.

Zentitle can be used to license all kinds of products, including On-Premise/Server Software, SaaS, IoT & Hardware.

If you are transitioning to offering SaaS versions of your products, or are blending your installed software with a cloud-based element, Zentitle has what you need now and in the future.

Modern licensing

Traditional licensing was a one-way street to validate and activate a customers License.

Zentitle is a Software License Management tool based on a user defined 2-tier heartbeat between the customer's application and a private licensing cloud, this allows you to license software, control licenses, subscriptions, and maintenance renewals and switch on/off features at will.

Cloud-based software licensing.
99.9% uptime guarantee.

Reduced expense

There's no need to setup servers or create license keys, everything you need to integrate including configuration, library files and documentation is all at your fingertips from the moment you sign-up.

We help you migrate, freeing you from infrastructure costs and the associated management.

Lowering your costs.
Removing risk.

Licensing that works the way you want it to!

You can be ready to ship in days not weeks, and then all your staff can easily collaborate on managing your users software rights 24x7x365


Easy to use dashboards put you in control

Zentitle has taken the hassle out of Software License Management, ensuring software license compliance and bringing licensing control into one centralized place with an easy-to-understand interface.


Adopting the latest business models is quick and easy

No longer are you stuck with just Perpetual licensing. You can now mix it up with the Subscription style models used by the biggest software houses.

Concurrent licensing, maintenance contracts, feature restrictions and product families, Zentitle does it all for you.


A licensing solution that works for all operating systems

Linux, Mac, & Windows /x86 & x64 ready.

Zentitle is built to support all major Operating Systems. With over 20 years track record we are adept at future proofing. You’re in safe hands with 1000s of other top software companies who use us to manage their licensing and ensure software license compliance.


See where users are, what they are doing and on what hardware

Zentitle walks hand-in-hand with Software Analytics, bringing you important insights into your customers and their machines.

You can bolt-on our full blown Zentitle Software Analytics at any time for invaluable insight into how your software is performing out in the wild.

All the features you need

Adaptable and powerful. 1000s of top software companies rely on Nalpeiron to deliver a solution that meets all their requirements.

Online and Offline Licensing


End-users can activate online or offline. Zentitle is a powerful hosted platform with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Licensing Usage Analytics


See how your software is performing out in the wild. Track users, features, usage adoption, location, platform and much more.

Simple Migration of Licensing


Bring over all your existing clients license codes and entitlements. We help to eliminate disruption to older existing client bases.

Multi-Platform Licensing


Zentitle works on Windows, Mac and Linux, ARM, Android and Embedded Linux. Ship to multiple platforms faster and with less engineering effort.

Software Licensing Best Experience


Your end-users get a smooth, fast and hassle free experience. You can even deliver them upgrades without the need for re-installs.

Software Licensing API


Fast standards-based integration and control. Connect up your existing systems with your licensing data.

Software Subscription Licensing


Adopt the modern subscription based business models that the large software houses are using to drive an increasing revenue.

Software Licensing Renewals


Easy to set and control maintenance periods and contracts associated with each software license.

Software Trials Optimization


Ship as trials with no effort, then special dashboards give instant analytics on trial conversions and sales cycles.

Software Licensing Application Agility


Tailor user licenses, even assigning custom fields and values to their application upon activation.

Software Licensing for VMs


Virtualization and sandboxing is a killer to standard licensing but not to Nalpeiron.

Software Licensing with Analytics


Use Zentitle Software Analytics to gain invaluable insight into how your software is being used

An introduction to Zentitle Cloud Based Software Licensing for you and your team

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