Deepsea obfuscator offer

Customers that buy Nalpeiron licensing products can for a limited time take advantage of the special free one year offer with the makers of DeepSea Obfuscator (TallApplications BV).


The following is a brief overview of some of DeepSea Obfuscator's features which make it stand out compared to it competitors.


➢Integrates with Visual Studio - Enable obfuscation for your project directly from Visual Studio.

➢Works out of the box - The software is clever enough to figure out what it can safely modify.

➢Build as you like - Run from MSBuild or NAnt. Command line use also supported.

➢Obfuscate XAML – Greatly improve the protection of your Silverlight and WPF assemblies.

➢Easy configuration -  Browse and click to tweak the way your code is obfuscated.

➢Anything .NET - C#, VB.NET, F#, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, Compact Framework...

➢Developer oriented license model - Licensed per user account, install on as many PC's as needed, including the build PC.


About DeepSea Obfuscator

What does DeepSea Obfuscator do?

DeepSea Obfuscator protects your your intellectual property by obfuscating your .NET assemblies.


Why do I need code protection?

All languages that target the Microsoft.NET framework compile your code into assemblies. These assemblies contain IL (Intermediate Language) code and so-called metadata. The metadata describes types, methods, fields and much more. This is good for speed of development, but not for protection of your intellectual property. All of this information in your assemblies makes it easy to reverse-engineer your code.


How to claim this limited offer?

In order to claim this special one year discount (while it is available), please sign up for the trial at their website:


Then come back to Nalpeiron sales to confirm the offer is still running at the time of your claim, if it is still valid, you will be given a special discount code to give you one year free service. You will need to give Nalpeiron your login details on the Deepsea website.