Our 10+ Year Pedigree

Our Company's 10+ year history in Software Licensing Management.

A Five Minute Nalpeiron Company Overview

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Nalpeiron was founded 10+ years ago (in 2005) and has grown to become a leader in the Software Analytics and Software Licensing Management business.


Nalpeiron was the first to offer a cross platform, cloud-based, licensing service methods that allowed our Customers to remove the need for all the costs, time and hassles of setting up their own licensing infrastructure.


At the time outsourcing to hosted services like ours was in its infancy and we lead the charge to lowering costs and speeding time to market for Software ISVs.


Today we have expanded our offering to encompass not only basic licensing but also extensive analytics, marketing and reporting functions that add even more value to our Customer’s business - driving new revenues from Software Copy Protection, trial optimization, piracy revenue recovery and sales tools.

Nalpeiron was very responsive in hand-holding and helping us climb the learning curve. It meant a lot to me as an executive running a business that I could get the attention of key people when I needed them. There is just no way we could have gotten to market as quickly with an in-house solution.


…The end user should never know about your licensing solution – it needs to be in the background: invisible, just doing its job.


Mark McNulty,
Global Director and General Manager, Datacolor



Nalpeiron operates at Scale - Millions of end users connect to Nalpeiron daily.

Nalpeiron has also spent years with millions of end users perfecting the most robust but user friendly activation process available today – it offers users ease of use and access to their records, while offering you the ISV the lowest operational costs.


With 100’s of Software ISVs, large and small, across the world we are the partner of choice for anyone looking for modern licensing solutions in the cloud.


Nalpeiron is a privately held corporation based in the US and the UK.


Reasons to partner with Nalpeiron

Since 2005

10+ years track record of service and reliability


battle tested, enterprise-class, performance


company and servers based in the US

New for 2015

re-designed from the ground up, now even better


rock-solid uptime reliability record

Low Risk

mature and proven partner